Monday, April 26, 2010

Miracle Monday Post-Op Report

We just received a phone call from the OR that Chrissie's chest is now closed, and they were able to get the cannulas into the neck and connected to the ECMO machine.  PRAISE THE LORD!!! 

Now, we need to be praying that EVERYTHING will work the way God intends it to.  That is a HUGE request, but our God is bigger than HUGE.  Everything is possible with God.  When the world tells you you can't, remember that you can with God!

I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains

Hope that doesn’t ever end
Even when the sky is falling
And I’ve seen miracles just happen
Silent prayers get answered (AND FASTING PRAYERS AND MOANING PRAYERS!!!)
Broken hearts become brand new
That’s what faith can do

Overcome the odds
You don't have a chance
(That’s what faith can do)
When the world says you can’t
It’ll tell you that you can!

I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains
Hope that doesn’t ever end
Even when the sky is falling
And I’ve seen miracles just happen
Silent prayers get answered
Broken hearts become brand new

That’s what faith can do

That's what faith can do!

Even if you fall sometimes
You will have the strength to rise

Praise the Lord for Miracle Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!

Larry Barcroft said...

Praying! God is near!

Anonymous said...

continuing to pray along with all the brothers and sisters of our family which is bigger then we can possibly know. Praising God for His faithfulness and that He is Trustworthy. And loves to show just how big He really is.

Troy Stokes Ellenwood said...

continuing to pray along with all the brothers and sisters of our family which is bigger then we can possibly know. Praising God for His faithfulness and that He is Trustworthy. And loves to show just how big He really is.

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog all along, and I can't help thinking of Eph. 3:20-21: "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen."

Still praying for Chrissie and rejoicing with you . . . . Love, Linda Hopkins

Ellen said...

What a huge and awesome God we serve! I am so blessed to read of His hand at work, alive, thriving, showing mightily in such a little one. I believe He has even further miracles to work. I am confident in our God to continue the work He has begun. This walk you have chosen to go on has been more than anyone would have expected, but it is a powerful ministry to have been called to. I am in awe of the number of people that you have been able to speak the TRUTH to using Chrissie as the vessel by which to do so. His Word is being proclaimed from the mountaintops and the valleys via the internet. I totally agree with you that it is a blessing to live with such technology. Our might God is mightily at work! Keep believing in Miracle Monday Lorraine - it is not just a "name" it is the truth.

Kat said...

Praising Our Great God!!!! Our kids have been asking all day about Chrissie and we've been praying so hard. God is so awe inspiring. His Glory endures forever!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

We will continue to hold Chrissie up!!!

Megan said...

Praise the Lord! We will continue to pray for Chrissie, the Doctors and the whole family!

Jennifer in MN said...

I just started reading your blog last week and I've prayed and prayed for your little Serbian Princess...fasted today as well! So great to hear of the miracles happening today!! Continued prayers for God's healing to happen on this side of heaven! :)

Megan said...

We were just standing in our living room in tears rejoicing in our healing God and praying for Chrissie. We will continue to pray this evening!

Debi said...

Praising God for an amazing miracle Monday! Believing God with you for a full and complete recovery. Can't wait to see Chrissie dance with her daddy again!
Love and hugs and prayers,

Anonymous said...

PTL!! Still praying like crazy, but FANTASTIC news!
Sarah in Waco

Cynthia said...

I have been following your story, even waking early and checking your blog first thing....
Praying and praying in Oregon!!!!
Much love to Chrissie and her family!!

Marsmile said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog and came here from another blog about praying for Chrissie. I've been reading your blog since her first heart surgery and have been praying for the best for you all! From what you've described, Chrissie sounds like a very adorable, sweet, funny, lil princess with a spunk and I admire her fighting spirit! I continue to pray for her recovery and look forward to more smiling photos of Chrissie! :-)

By the way, you were asking about red vs blue blood (carotid artery and jugular vein). Arteries come Away from the heart so they carry red, oxygenated, blood (carotid artery). Veins come Toward the heart so they carry blue, deoxygenated, blood (jugular vein). An expection is the pulmonary artery which carries blue, deoxygenated, blood from the right ventricle to the lungs, and the pulmonary veins carry red, oxygenated, blood from the lungs back into the left atrium. So keep saying Arteries Away= red, oxygenated, blood. Store this in your peripheral brain for the future! Hope this helps. I believe the ECMO would pull blue blood from the jugular vein and recirculate red blood back into the carotid artery. (

Praying and praying,

Katie said...

So glad to see a positive report!! Praise Him for every improvement, no matter how small!! Praying praying for continued healing and strength for little Chrissie and that the doctors and nurses continue to know just what to do to get her through this!!

The Fab 5 said...

Truly a Miracle Monday. Thank you God for all the blessings this day has brought with it. Still praying for continued steps forward in Chrissie's health. God Bless!

Matushka Anna said...

Glory to God!!!

orphans4me said...

Praising and crying!

Sarah said...

Praying that your precious girl is completely healed. He is good and He is able!!


Jill from Killeny Glen said...

Just popped in to see if Chrissie had come out of surgery yet.
Praying that it is a VERY good and STABLE night for her and YOU.

Looking Up said...

We will keep praying.....

Anonymous said...

I must continue to say these positive Miracle Monday posts do NOT surprise me. I never even came across Chrissie until you posted about your blog and her surgery in RR. I have a wonderful peace about Chrissie and how people are able to come to the Lord through this terrible hardship with her heart...Chrissie will be be able to look back with an amazing faith that our God is an Awesome God!! Keep up the updates, they are beautiful to read!!
*Tammy (RR)

G said...

I've had a stressfull week at work and have been crying over little things, cause that is how I roll. lol I wasn't able to check on your daughter and now as my stress level is up, I was afraid to check. I'm so happy that Chrissie is still fighting the good fight. My prayers are with you. I know the stress I have now is nothing compared to what you are going through. But I also realized, I hadn't asked God to help me though this time because he can bring me peace.

I'm praying God will let your daughter spend time here on earth with us all, because we are all selfish and it would sure make us feel good. But I know either way your daughter will have a good life!

wvamom said...

I am amazed at how gracious God has been in answering our prayers today. I would love to know how many people fasted and prayed for Chrissy--there is another miracle, God at work through the life of your small daughter, building relationships with His people.

Karin said...

Rejoicing with you on Miracle MOnday!!! God is SO GOOD!

cheryl g. said...

I am wonderful, amazing, incredible-thank You, Lord. Still praying~cheryl

Cindy Foote said...

Monday miracles!!! Thank you, Jesus!!! Awe-inspiring God!! So so relieved for you all and excited, but will continue to pray!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

You should have seen our kids when I told them of the Miracles God has done today- THEY WERE EXCITED WITH ME!!!!!!! They were praising & singing! Love it when God just AMAZES us all beyond what we think is possible. Like you made clear in this wonderful post- GOD IS A GOD OF HEALING a GOD OF MIRACLES!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Just because HE can SHOW the world WHO HE IS & HIS LOVE FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephanie said...

YAY YAY!!!! soooooo excited to hear this!!! Praise the Lord!!! Keep fighting Chrissie!!!

Unknown said...


Yes, this is what Faith can DO!

Love it!

Praising God with you Lorraine!

Love and our prayers remain!

Anonymous said...

Yeah that is awesome. I am praying for Chrissie and your family.

Katie said...

Just wanted to know that I came back on here before putting my girls to bed, just to check to see if anything else was posted. While I was scrolling down the page my 4 year old, Kylee, came over to me and said "who is that little girl? Is she my friend?" as she pointed to a picture of Chrissie. I told her about Chrissie and told her also that we will probably never actually meet her since you all live in Texas and we are in Georgia. She said, "Yes I will meet her... when I'm old and die and go to heaven. She will be there and be my friend." lol at the mind of a child. She then ended the conversation by stating that "I will pray that God makes her better soon." Just wanted to share that 4 year old Kylee said a prayer for Chrissie tonight!

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