Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Well, Chrissie is backsliding.

God doesn't want His prayer warriors to let up.

Stay on your knees before the Throne.

They're adjusting life support equipment now trying to get her back where she needs to be.

This morning we woke to a miracle.  Chrissie's lungs had cleared of fluid!!!!!!  Dr. Porisch didn't expect to see any improvement in today's lung x-ray, so she was blown away at the answered prayers of clear lungs.  This is our Mighty God showing His glory to the world.

The hope was that today they would be able to start reducing life support equipment and medications with hopes that her own bodily functions could slowly beginning functioning again, with ultimate hopes that they would be able to close up her chest within the next day or so.

As they began to adjust levels, Chrissie's stats got all messed up, meaning her body didn't tolerate the adjustments very well.  Her lungs began to fill again with fluid and fluid began leaking from her open chest.  Her oxygen sats had been at 80-90%  while she was only being given 50% oxygen from the ventilator (as opposed to the 100% oxygen being given from the ventilator at the beginning of her stay in the PICU), but her oxygen sats dropped into the 40's and her carbon dioxide sats tripled...not good.  They had to turn everything back up to even higher than where they had it yesterday to get her back to an acceptable state.

There's a team in here working on her now.  We need your prayers.

I asked Dr. Porisch about specific prayer requests; here they are:
  • That everything would work in Chrissie's system.
  • That she wouldn't get any infections.  (Her chest is still open and highly prone to infection.)
  • For wisdom and guidance for the doctors and medical staff to know what to do.
PS  Chrissie tested positive for Staph infection yesterday.  They re-swabbed last night to confirm the positive diagnosis, but the results won't be in until tonight. 


Becca Harley said...

praying - lifting Chrissie up to His throne - for healing and peace for you all

Unknown said...

Our prayers remain with your family!

God bless and love,

Anonymous said...

Oh she was doing so well!!! I am still praying mommy! God is BIGGER than this, remember his rainbow promise. Psalm 147:3 "I will heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds." I am holding onto that verse with all my heart. I love you!
PS would you whisper in Chrissie's ear that Mattie loves her?
Mattie Patterson

Ann Marie said...


Lori (Maine) said...

Continuing to pray for sweet Chrissie and ALL of you! Mattie, you are such an AWESOME sister--you hang in there, sweetheart! I wish I could give you a hug! Lori

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