Friday, April 30, 2010


Chrissie has a fever of 101.5 degrees F. 

Infection is something that can actually take her life.

Please pray that God would keep Chrissie shielded from infection from head to toe, inside and out.  Her chest was open for 8 days straight, then reopened for another day and has been operated on twice in her PICU room.  The risk of infection has always been extremely high.  The fever is a sign of infection.

Pray that God will fight off that infection and allow Chrissie's body to continue healing and working beautifully.

Her kidney labs weren't as good as they've been either, so pray that all of Chrissie's organs will work properly.

Trusting God for continued miracles and thanking you for your faithful prayers.


Meredith said...

Woke up art 2AM and just had to check on Chrissie. Will be praying God continues to intervene and heals Chrissie protecting her from infections, setbacks and works his miracles on her lungs getting her off the oscilator.

Hugs to all!

:ove the pictures on the last post. Chrissie looks so beautiful, oh God is so good

Kara said...

so glad i saw this before going to sleep. i'm praying for chrissie now.

Browning Family said...

I am here holding my son, Justus- weepy reading this. It is similar to what we encountered in September of last year as he underwent open heart. One little obstacle after another- it just seemed as though God wanted us on our knees a bit longer. I am praying - and will ask others to as well. My love to you.
Charrissa aka: Chrissy

Kathy said...

Am one of many praying for Chrissie! And will particularly pray for no infection and that God will continue to work His miracles in her body.

Anonymous said...

Have prayed for the fever and any infection to be removed and will continue to pray for Chrissie. Everytime your warrior princess' name pops into my head, I just breathe "Chrissie" as a prayer...sounds weird, but it is what I feel led to do!

How encouraging for you to know that your warrior princess is ministering to soooo many people, even as she lies on her bed in hospital! This is just the start and I believe her miracle story will lead to more miracles in other people's lives.

Praying for a Fantastically, Fabulous Friday for you ALL,


Wendi Taylor said...

God isn't going to give up on Chrissie now. ((( hugs & prayers )))

Laurel said...

Woke up in the middle of the night. Did NOT get out of bed to check my blog. Asked God if there was something specific I was supposed to be praying for (that's what I normally do when I am wide awake in the middle of the night). And ... He said, "Pray for Chrissie." So. I. did.

I was so curious what I would read when I popped onto your blog today.

Yes, God even wakes up His prayer warriors when Chrissie needs prayer. :)


Laurel :)

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