Adoption Resources

Here are a few of my favorite resources for adoption.
(Click on each title to visit the website for each resource.)
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Interested in adopting? Don't know where to start?  Feel overwhelmed?

Visit for excellent information to get you started today!
Helpful Literature Before You Adopt:
(or once you're in it and need some help!)
  • The Connected Child (book by Dr. Karyn Purvis), a MUST-READ for ANY family wanting to adopt or for those who have already adopted and want/need some help! This is THE BEST adoption book out there!!!

Click HERE to learn the rules and requirements to adopt from ANY country. This is an AWESOME site, sponsored by the US government, so the information found here is accurate.

 Sites that Might Lead You to Your Kiddo(s):

Adoption Gear/Fundraising:

Adoption Grants/Funding/Fundraising:

Help for Families Parenting Seriously RAD
(and other diagnoses) Kiddos:
  • Families by Design, Nancy Thomas with Attachment Parenting. Tons of helpful info for MAJORLY challenging kids (RAD, ODD, Bipolar, Tourette's, ADHD, etc.). Life-saving help and encouragement for those who are seriously considering disrupting an adoption!
  • Institute of Child Development at TCU (Dr. Karyn Purvis), Lots of info for help with "challenging" kids
  • The Connected Child (book by Dr. Karyn Purvis), This is THE BEST adoption book out there and it will help you understand your child's actions.  It's not the child; it's their history that they had no control over.  They didn't choose to be abused, neglected, abandoned.  Help them heal.

Other Ways to Help Orphans (without adopting):
  • Just click HERE to read a list compiled by another blogger
  • Back the Blocks, support a big adoptive family serving in Guatemala!

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