Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In a Matter of Minutes...

Parker went from this...

To this...
After wearing braces on his teeth for almost two years, Parker is now free from having a mouth full of metal!  Woohoo!

And, in just a matter of minutes...

Shortly after 9AM on Monday, July 25, we went from being a family of 14 (including our Ukrainian host boys) to temporarily being a family of 10.
Our 4 "medium kids" are at an overnight kids' camp at our church.

They were SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!  After all, that's what "big kids" do, right?  What a privilege to attend an overnight camp...and one where they LOVE Jesus, even better!!!

The 4 mediums will be at camp Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I thought the house would be really quiet without them, but Selah has found her very loud voice.  Squealing and screeching at the top of her lungs.  She discovered it in church Sunday. :-) 

Plus, we still have 7 other kiddos at home to fill our home with a joyful noise.  And they are doing that task well.

Children are a blessing; a reward from Him.  Grateful for all our treasures.  Thank you, Abba Father.

Monday, July 25, 2011


"Let me be weighed in an even balance that God may know mine integrity".  Job 31:6 KJV

There are so many things in life that we must balance:  our time, our schedules, our meals...really, every aspect of our lives requires a delicate balance.  Some things can become obsessions  and addictions when left unbalanced.  The only thing I ever want to have an addiction to is my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I always have so many swirling messages in my brain, but so little time to even open my laptop, much less record my myriad of thoughts.  Balance.

I wish I had more time, yet, really, I don't wish for that.  Having more time would mean my life wasn't filled to the brim with children, family, serving Him.  Balance.

I love having many little treasures to care for.  Balance.

I love having many chores due to the many treasures I care for.  Balance.

I love life in a large family.  Balance.

I love my Abba Father and wish I could spend every waking moment in His Word, in deep Bible study, in uninterrupted prayer.  Balance.

I wish I had time to record our daily memories, to share our lives with others, to share God's messages, to share many things my King of Kings is teaching me.  Balance.

I wish I could do more to keep Chrissie's legacy alive.  I don't want to forget anything about her.  I want to remember her laugh, her smile, the feel of her hugs, the pinch of her fingers digging into my neck as she squeezed me tightly.  I wish I had every minute of every second of her time with us recorded.  Balance.

Sometimes I wish for a TV show to come in and document our lives for us, and then I wouldn't have the stress of wanting/trying to record it all myself (I always fail).  Yet, I don't really want to have strangers with cameras following us around and recording every little thing.  Surely we'd all dwell on the things we shouldn't have said, the things we shouldn't have done, etc.  That's not the stuff I want to record. :-)  (And, just for the record, I really don't want a TV show.  We were asked to participate in a few reality TV shows/documentaries, but I've never felt it was what God wanted.  Seems way too stressful.)  Balance.

So, that leaves me back at square one.  Balancing life in a large family, yet trying to record it all, trying to remember the things He's teaching us along the way.  Trying to balance time with God, time with my hubby, time with the kids, time taking care of 1,001 daily duties.  And trying to just simply embrace that I will NEVER get even remotely close to conquering my ever-growing to-do list.  Balance.

I'd love to hear your suggestions of what helps you maintain balance in your life.  I want to please God.  I want to glorify Him.  I don't want to get tripped up in anything that causes me to be off balance.  Bossing my heart is helpful, reminding myself to let the Lord guide my steps instead of blazing my own trail.  Asking God to help me balance.

What works for you?  How do you maintain balance?

"A false balance is abomination to the Lord:  but a just weight is his delight."  Proverbs 11:1 KJV

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lake Day!

We feel very fortunate that God connected us with a wonderful man in our neck of the woods who has a HUGE heart for orphans.  Oh what a privilege it is to call Dr. Leininger, a huge advocate and supporter of  Haiti Children's Rescue Mission and Harvest International, our friend. 

Dr. Leininger opened his lake house to families in our area who have adopted children from Haiti Children's Rescue Mission.  We had a FABULOUS time.  Many thanks to Dr. Leininger for sharing his home and all of his fun lake toys with us!

Here's a video of the Wave Runner.  Vlad, Dima, and Ella fell off the tube quickly, but had a great time learning about fun on the lake!

Ella (and all of the kids) enjoyed the water trampoline!  Here's a video that shows what a water trampoline is! :-)

Mattie, Meribeth, Naomi and another friend from Haiti thoroughly enjoyed the Wave Runner.

What an amazing privilege for Vlad and Dima to experience such an awesome lake day!  They'd never seen such water toys!  After several hours of HARD water play, they took a break and played with rocks, a favorite pasttime of all boys from all nations!

Sweet Selah enjoying cuddles with Daddy.  She's now saying, "Dadda".  Daddy's finger is tightly wrapped in this little girl!

Sleepy Selah.

A picture of Vlad in paradise.

We had so much fun riding on the wave runner, jumping on the water trampoline, challenging kids at "king of the dock", playing in the sand, and fellowshipping with all of the other families who were able to attend.

Thank you, Dr. Leininger, for sharing your amazing lake home with us.  We are grateful!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Click HERE to read about a challenge to help rescue a forgotten treasure.  She is worth it.  Help spread the word.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's Meditation: A Boss Your Heart Message

Thank you, Kirsten Walkup, for today's message:

July 18 Devo
by Kirsten Walkup

If you're married you probably wake up each day with your spouse, you both scramble to get breakfast, get ready for work, get the kids off to school, and get to the office on time where you spend the day in the company of your co-workers and then you come home at night to a family who needs your attention or you socialize with friends or you come to church and then at the end of the day you fall asleep in a heap so that you can repeat the process tomorrow.

That's the way our lives are, and it probably won't change until you're ready to retire — but in the midst of this frenzied lifestyle we can learn to make time alone, and to make the most of our time alone.

Victor Frankl, who spent years in a Nazi concentration camp, wrote about this in his book Man's Search for Meaning. He said that the enforced community life of this type of prison caused prisoners to crave solitude—the chance to be alone with one's thoughts and experience a few moments of privacy.

He worked in the camp hospital in cramped conditions, but behind it was a small tent between some trees that was used a shelter for each day's corpses. Frankl would slip in there when he could and sit for a moment looking out at the green flowering slopes and the distant blue hills of the Bavarian landscape. He said, "Only the steps of the passing guards could rouse me from my dreams." These moments of silence and solitude kept Frankl centered, and, in a very real way, kept him sane.

Even in your busy schedule, you can squeeze out moments of solitude here and there. Maybe you can get up a few minutes before everyone else. Or stay up a few minutes later than everyone else. Or maybe you have time alone on the way to and from work. Or maybe you can have lunch alone. Or maybe you can slip into an empty room in the evening when everyone else is watching TV. With some effort you can make time alone, but you also need to make the most of your time alone.

In Run Baby Run, Nicky Cruz tells about meeting his wife in Bible college. The rules were extremely strict and didn't allow for dating and didn't give the students very much free time. In order to be together, Nicky and his wife, who were at the beginning stage of their courtship, volunteered to be on the kitchen clean-up team. Every night they had a special date, standing side by side at the kitchen sink, up to their elbows in dirty dishwater. This is how they nurtured their budding romance.

Do you remember how it was in high school? The bell would ring and it was time to switch classes, the halls would be packed with students and your girlfriend or boyfriend would meet you at your locker so that you could walk her to her next class. Those two or three minutes meant everything, didn't they? It made Geometry bearable, didn't it?

That's the habit we need to get into with God, seizing those opportunities throughout the day when we can have five minutes here, fifteen minutes there, alone with Him. And just like we would try to make the most of that "date" between classes, we need to learn to make the most of our moments alone with God. We do that like David said— "I have stilled and quieted my soul." In Psalm 46 God says...

Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

Boss your heart this week to find time to get alone in the presence of God. You’ll be amazed at what even a few minutes communing with the Father can do!




Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vlad learned to ride a bike last week!  (video below)

And so did Ella!  (video below)

Way to go kiddos!  We're so proud of you!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ukrainian Host Party

Last weekend, we hosted a gathering for families in our area who are hosting Ukrainian orphans through Charis ministries this summer.  We swam, ate loads of pizza (thank you Brewster's!), rode horses, and broke a pinata (so the Ukrainians could experience a Texas tradition!).  It was reported that a good time was had by all.
I apologize for the poor photo quality.  Between my iPhone and the photographer (me), it's a wonder any of my photos turn out! 
Not everyone is pictured in this photo, but it's a good sampling of the Ukrainian kiddos at the party.

Kiefer lininig up to take a swing at the boot pinata.

Everyone attacked once the pinata burst and candy flew everywhere!

The kids loved riding horses.  Matt ran alongside kids who rode Chrissie's pony, Navidad, so that they could bounce while Navidad trotted.  Dima LOVED this, and I captured it on video.  Such fun!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Guitars and Tutus

Our "big kids" are gone to youth camp this week. :-(  Sawyer, Mattie, Meribeth, Parker and Naomi are all at camp, which means Mom and Dad are on our own with the "little ones":  Vlad, Asher, Dima, Ella, Kiefer, and Selah.  We're having loads of fun, even though it's lots of hard work, juggling of schedules, and not many extra helping hands. 

Vlad is a HUGE helper.  He learned to drive the 4-wheeler by himself, and he's a very responsible and mature driver.  He is aware of his surroundings, aware of where all of the kids and animals are, he travels at safe speeds, and he even thinks of others when he's driving.  (He has stopped twice to open and close our main gate for me without even being asked or told to do so.)  Melt my heart! :-)

We've been so impressed with both Vlad and Dima.  It's hard to imagine they've only been here for 2 weeks.  Vlad is speaking SO MUCH English!!!!!!  Both boys are swimming independently, and Vlad acts as if he's lived here his entire life.  He's helpful with chores, he works hard and diligently, he's responsible and mature, and he's confident.  Dima allows Vlad to speak for him, but Dima is coming along and getting more comfortable with each passing day.  Hosting these two boys has been such a joy.  I just don't know how we'ere going to send them back without our hearts shattering.  They MUST return to Ukraine on August 4th, no matter what.  :-(

My friend Lisa brought over a trunk of dress-up clothes for Ella, but the boys got into it just as much as Ella did!  Here are some fun photos of our crazy little ones!

And I'll leave you with some video footage of Kiefer rockin' out in his dress-up costume!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun Times

Guess where we went yesterday?
Seaworld San Antonio!

Oh what fun we had, especially for two boys from Ukraine who have never even heard of such a place, much less experienced it.  They LOVED the park.  The water park and roller coasters/rides were their favorite.  They didn't care very much about the shows.  Not even the Shamu show, but they sure did love all of the FUN that Seaworld has to offer! 

Kiefer ate a frozen confection that ended up more ON his belly than IN his belly!

OK, I have to explain this photo (and the ones to come).  Our guys didn't wear shirts to the park.  We were planning to do the water park mainly, so they put on their swim trunks before we left the house, and not one of our boys put on a shirt.  We had so much to pack and gather in order to get out of the house with 14 people (my friend and her foster son came along with us), that I decided we didn't need to bring shirts for the boys.  After all, they'd just be taking them off anyway, and then I'd have to keep up with 6 shirts. 

Well, after everyone got water logged at the water park, we decided to go ride some roller coasters.  What we didn't know is that Seaworld requires all passengers to wear shirts!  Oh no!  I almost went and wasted money bought Seaworld shirts for the boys so that they could ride, but my friend Nicole had a better idea!  She had 2 shirts for her one-year-old foster son, so Sawyer and Asher wore those.  Isn't that HILARIOUS?!?!  Because they are boys, they totally didn't care about how the shirts looked, they just wanted to ride the roller coasters!

Vlad had a choice between my turquoise and pink floral/paisley swimsuit cover-up or Nicole's t-shirt.  He chose the t-shirt.  I think they ROCK this look, don't you?!?  Hilarious!

Dima wore my t-shirt and Kiefer wore my cover-up.  (Kiefer got cut out of this iPhone pic because I was trying to assure him that Grover wasn't going to attack him from behind, even though he looks like a crazy stalker on stage!)  Oh well.

Selah LOVED sitting in the shallow water and splashing in the fountains.  She's such a sweet girl and so easy-going.  Until someone takes her toy away.  That's the only time her temper flares. :-)  I was so blessed by her sweet spirit and joyful attitude the entire day.  Such a miracle baby.  Thank you, Jesus!

Selah LOVES my iPhone, after all, that's the place where she watches Baby Einstein!  She was trying to grab my phone as I was trying to capture her adorable face.  9-month-old baby determination!

Sawyer is such a trooper.  He has fun with all kids (all ages) in all situations.  Here he is making the best of Elmo's Bay of Play.

Vlad and Dima seriously had a blast.  They're such fun boys.  It's going to be so hard to send them back to their orphanage on August 4th.

I think these boys look like bio brothers.  Can you tell me which one isn't biologically related to the others?!?

We stayed until closing and ended with the Shamu Rocks night show.  Kiefer (who ended up wearing the toddler t-shirt that Sawyer was rocking earlier in the day as his ticket to ride the rides) fell asleep in Parker's lap, and Selah ended up asleep in Mattie's lap.  The entire crew slept on the van ride home (except Selah). 

Fun times. 

Fun times.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

We've been having a blast with Vlad and Dima, two orphan boys from Ukraine, who are here for the summer on an orphan hosting trip with Charis adoption ministries.  Last week I didn't have a single second of time to get on the computer and update our blog, mainly because Mattie (our 13yo daughter) was away from the house volunteering at a camp. 

Since the Ukrainian boys were new to our home and family, we had a lot of teaching and training to work on last week (still do).  Now that Mattie is back and we have our full team working together in this tapestry, I hope to update with pictures and videos this week.  I just love how God weaves such a beautifully intricate tapestry before our very eyes, yet when one string is yanked, pulled, tugged, or completely missing, the tapestry so quickly begins to unravel!!!  Praise God for choosing to interweave many capable, selfless, joyfully serving hands into this this tapestry He's creating in our home.  I truly couldn't do it without the help of each family member.

I've truly been amazed by how much we're enjoying having Vlad and Dima with us this summer.  I just LOVE seeing these two brothers working and playing together.  Oh what a tremendous blessing these boys are to my heart.  Seriously.  We've never adopted older boys internationally, nor have we ever adopted boy siblings, so seeing the sweet relationship of these two brothers is a constant source of laughter and joy.  I've always enjoyed boys.  A lot of people aren't fond of wild and crazy, but I get such a kick out of the frogs and snails and puppy dog tails side of boys.
Dima, Vlad, and Kiefer sitting outside the kitchen window lovin' on the dogs.

Vlad holding a frog that he caught.  He LOVES to catch frogs, although this picture doesn't capture his excitement, but it does capture those big beautiful brown eyes that speak volumes to my heart.  I have a picture of our bio son, Parker, when he was about 4 years old, holding a frog in his hand that looks so similar to this photo.  I need to locate it to show you!

See what I mean by frogs and snails and puppy dog tails, these are the things little boys are made of?!?  (I don't have a photo of a snail, but Dima brought one to me the other day!)  There are some things that are just universal with boys, no matter what country or upbringing.  Things like making fart sounds by sticking one's hand in his armpit and thrashing the other arm up and down like a chicken trying to fly.  Things like making spit balls in the bathroom when one is supposed to be brushing his teeth.  Things like leaning to the side while sitting and letting out a sound that sounds like a farm animal, then cracking up so hard that one falls out of his chair.  Things like jumping in the mud puddle instead of walking around it.  Things like trying to kill a red wasp with your hand, just because it's a challenge, then when one gets stung, there's no tears involved, just a nice battle wound to proudly display to everyone.  Things like cutting the stinger off a scorpion, then picking it up to scare Mom.  Things like chasing your sisters with insects just because they'll run and squeal. 

Oh, and I mustn't forget:  Things like tying your brother's "car" to the back of your "Gator" and hauling him around until he crashes and falls over.  Yep, those are the things that get me giggling so hard that I nearly pee in my pants!
This video totally cracks me up.  Reminds me of when I was a kid, and I hitched my little brother's riding toy up to the back of my mini-bike/motorcyle and hauled him around, until one day, he crashed and that was the end of that adventure. 
(Remember that if you're viewing this in a reader or via email, you'll have to visit the blog to view the video.)

Yes, oh yes, the adventures of boys are truly a joy for me.  Did you know that boys are less preferred when it comes to adoption?  Yep, it's true.  The statistics are always changing, but for many years, it's always turned out that boys are less likely to be chosen for adoption.  I'm so very grateful God chose to place these two precious brothers in our home this summer.  I pray they'll soon have the label "CHOSEN" written on their hearts, and the statistics will have less orphan boys in the count.
Slip-n-Slide fun!  Ella gets right in the mix with her wild and crazy brothers!

Brothers through and through.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Chrissie's Comfies

This project is being put together by Ms. Kaleigh.  Thank you so much, Kaleigh!!!

My name is Kaleigh. I first stumbled upon the Patterson’s blog over a year and a half ago. God greatly used Chrissie in my life to remind me of HIS heart for orphans, a heart that I had shared as a little girl, but needed to recover.  God used my Ecuadorian sister, Chrissie and another Ecuadorian Princess (who is much like Chrissie!) to light a fire in my heart for the orphaned treasures.

Not only that, but the Lord also used Chrissie and her family to teach me more about TRUE love! I am 18 and even though many my age think I’m just a little crazy, I am beyond happy to still be a part of my big family, seeking God to (hopefully) add many more adopted blessings into our lives . In the mean time I am Oh so busy with school, ministry AND beginning an adoption organization with two amazing friends! (LINK: http://www.godsheartourhands.blogspot.com/

The thing  though if Mrs. Patterson hadn’t taken the time to graciously share their family life, adoption story, prayer needs and miracles with us all I might NEVER have had a change of heart about the blessing of children, the miracle of adoption and OH so many other things!

Ever since Chrissie left to dance with Jesus I have wanted to thank Mrs. Patterson and her family in some way for sharing Chrissie’s story with the world.

What if she hadn’t shared it? How many orphans would not be coming home right now? How many people’s lives would not have been touched and changed through her words?

So for now one of the ways I can say thank you is through doing things in honor and memory of Princess Chrissie.

I would be soooooo beyond blessed and honored if many of you would consider joining me in one small way that we can be a blessing in Chrissie’s memory.

Samaritan Children’s Heart Project is currently in need of quilts or blankets to give to the children that come to the states for desperately needed heart surgery. (You can learn more about the Heart Project here) LINK: http://www.samaritanspurse.org/index.php/ChildrensHeart/index/

How many of you who were changed by Chrissie’s story could send at least ONE blanket in her memory??

For those of you who can here are all the details:

Sizes: The suggested standard for the blankets is:  45” x 60”, these would most likely go to the children 3 and under.  They also have a need for the older children, up to 17 years old.  “Afghans” and “throws” are the size guidelines for those.  The blankets for older children must be smaller than a twin bedspread due to luggage restrictions.

Please be sure the designs are age appropriate and that if you are sending a blanket for an older child it has a more mature design (examples: Sports prints, floral, stripes, etc.)

You can make OR BUY any type of blanket you like, just make sure that is big enough to fit the size req.!

Some of the possibilities are: No- sew fleece blankets, patch work quilts, or afghans.

They also ask that you include a square on the blanket with your name, the year, etc. This can be where you honor Chrissie!

For my quilts I have used a fabric paint pen to write:

Boss Your Heart!

Made by Kaleigh Anderson

In loving memory of Princess Chrissie”

The blankets can be sent to:

Samaritan’s Purse
Attn: MaryBeth Slabbert, Children’s Heart Project
801 Bamboo Road
Boone, NC  28607

Many times you will receive a picture of the child who received your blanket. (You may want to include a note with an email address in your package)

There is no deadline that I know of to send these in but I am sure that since they are running low, the sooner the better!

The biggest request is that you PRAY for the child as you make and send your donation!  J

THANK YOU SO much for reading this and for considering helping with this project. If you would like for the Patterson family to see a picture of your blanket or quilt that would be GREAT! You can email a picture to me at: isaiah4523 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Once I have lots of pictures gathered I would love to turn them into a collage and send it to Mrs. Patterson J

Friday, July 8, 2011

Missing Mattie

Mattie, our 13-year-old bio daughter, has been away all week volunteering as a camp counselor at a nearby Christian camp.  We have all missed her so very much.  Her being gone has clearly shown us how much we ALL depend upon Miss Mattie around here!  She's not only most helpful in all situations, but her positive attitude, encouragement, and sweet spirit just cannot be replaced.  She's our little cheerleader with a maturity and responsibility that's unmatched.  Mattie gets along well with every member of our family, and she's my right-hand-girl in the kitchen, in the laundry room, and with the kids.  One of the best things about Miss Mattie is her servant's heart (which is why she volunteered to be a team servant at this camp).  She sees what needs doing and simply does it.  No one ever has to tell her to do something because she's usually jumped on the task before anyone else can!  Everyone's been counting down the days until Mattie's arrival back home.  Saturday (tomorrow) couldn't come soon enough. 

Each one of our bigger/older kids is a HUGE help, but it's kind of like the hands and feet of Christ.  You need various people to serve as the hands AND feet.  Not just hands.  Not just feet.  Each person has various talents and gifts, and with the variety of treasures that God's given us, He's sewn together this beautiful tapestry where each string plays a vital role behind the scenes to keep the beauty from unraveling.  We've all been trying to hold up Mattie's string (or many strings) while she's been away, but we're so ready to have her return to restore the raveled edges of this tapestry!

We love you and we miss you, Mattie, and we're sooooooooooooo excited about your arrival home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for being you.  There's no one like you, sweetheart. :-)
Mattie fixing Ella's hair.

Monday, July 4, 2011


I know this controversial video has circulated the internet countless times since its production in 2007, but I also know that there are still countless people who are completely unaware of what orphans are treated like in many countries around the world.

Today, as we celebrate our freedom in America, I pray that more Believers will commit to helping set the captives FREE through the miracle of adoption. 

"You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh, rather, serve one another humbly in love."
Galatians 5:13
I am so very grateful that God opened our eyes.  It is our job to set the captives free.  We must take responsiblity.  Freedom isn't free.  It comes with a great cost. 

There is no ransom too high.  Every orphan is worth it.

God has blessed America abundantly.  It is time we spread those blessings to all, not just give our leftovers and hand-me-downs, but give abundantly, as God has given so abundantly to us.

"Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is within the power of your hand to do so." 
Proverbs 3:27

Pictures (and videos) are worth 1,000 words.  These 2 Ukrainian boys have only been in our home for 6 days total.  They are LOVING their freedom here.  Thank you, God, for blessing our family so abundantly.  We pray You will use us to spread those blessings around the world.

(Note:  If you're viewing this via email, there are several videos that won't show up.  Visit the site at www.AllArePreciousInHisSight.blogspot.com)
Freedom to chase calves in the calf scramble at the 4th of July rodeo.

Freedom to eat rainbow freezes!

Freedom to rest your head in "Daddy's" lap whenever you're sleepy.

Freedom to swim and be silly.

(I know we have tons of pool video, but here's another example of freedom for you!)

Freedom to take a warm bubble bath. 
(Since it would be inappropriate to take pics of boys bathing, I snapped a shot of Vlad's rendition of "Lorraine" on the bathtub wall that he called me to see after he got out of the tub.  Before Vlad's bath, he asked, in English, "Mom, what is your name?"  Vlad (age 9, in Texas for only 5 days at the time of this photo) was so proud to show me that he gathered English letters in the bathtub, sounded them out, and spelled "Lorraine" as best as he phonetically could!  Remember, Vlad speaks Ukrainian and the Ukrainian alphabet is VERY different than our English alphabet.  Vlad is communicating in English better and better every day.  We're simply amazed with his level of confidence and intelligence!)

Freedom to ride a horse!

And freedom to ride a...
COW?!?  (It's just a "dummy" :-)

Freedom to do handstands in the arena.

Freedom to trust your "brother".

And freedom to have your "brother" trust you.

Freedom to feel what it's like to be a part of a real family.
(Mattie isn't present in this photo, as she is volunteering as a team servant leader at a summer camp this week.)

Freedom to stand in the road watching for the next float in the local parade.

Freedom to receive and freedom to give.
(Vlad collected the most candy at the parade, and this photo shows Vlad offering candy to his "brother", Asher.)

Freedom to love.

Freedom to celebrate our freedom.
(The banner on the front of this truck reminds us that we are one nation under God.)



No ransom is too high.

 “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”
1 John 3:17-18
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