Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fun Times

Guess where we went yesterday?
Seaworld San Antonio!

Oh what fun we had, especially for two boys from Ukraine who have never even heard of such a place, much less experienced it.  They LOVED the park.  The water park and roller coasters/rides were their favorite.  They didn't care very much about the shows.  Not even the Shamu show, but they sure did love all of the FUN that Seaworld has to offer! 

Kiefer ate a frozen confection that ended up more ON his belly than IN his belly!

OK, I have to explain this photo (and the ones to come).  Our guys didn't wear shirts to the park.  We were planning to do the water park mainly, so they put on their swim trunks before we left the house, and not one of our boys put on a shirt.  We had so much to pack and gather in order to get out of the house with 14 people (my friend and her foster son came along with us), that I decided we didn't need to bring shirts for the boys.  After all, they'd just be taking them off anyway, and then I'd have to keep up with 6 shirts. 

Well, after everyone got water logged at the water park, we decided to go ride some roller coasters.  What we didn't know is that Seaworld requires all passengers to wear shirts!  Oh no!  I almost went and wasted money bought Seaworld shirts for the boys so that they could ride, but my friend Nicole had a better idea!  She had 2 shirts for her one-year-old foster son, so Sawyer and Asher wore those.  Isn't that HILARIOUS?!?!  Because they are boys, they totally didn't care about how the shirts looked, they just wanted to ride the roller coasters!

Vlad had a choice between my turquoise and pink floral/paisley swimsuit cover-up or Nicole's t-shirt.  He chose the t-shirt.  I think they ROCK this look, don't you?!?  Hilarious!

Dima wore my t-shirt and Kiefer wore my cover-up.  (Kiefer got cut out of this iPhone pic because I was trying to assure him that Grover wasn't going to attack him from behind, even though he looks like a crazy stalker on stage!)  Oh well.

Selah LOVED sitting in the shallow water and splashing in the fountains.  She's such a sweet girl and so easy-going.  Until someone takes her toy away.  That's the only time her temper flares. :-)  I was so blessed by her sweet spirit and joyful attitude the entire day.  Such a miracle baby.  Thank you, Jesus!

Selah LOVES my iPhone, after all, that's the place where she watches Baby Einstein!  She was trying to grab my phone as I was trying to capture her adorable face.  9-month-old baby determination!

Sawyer is such a trooper.  He has fun with all kids (all ages) in all situations.  Here he is making the best of Elmo's Bay of Play.

Vlad and Dima seriously had a blast.  They're such fun boys.  It's going to be so hard to send them back to their orphanage on August 4th.

I think these boys look like bio brothers.  Can you tell me which one isn't biologically related to the others?!?

We stayed until closing and ended with the Shamu Rocks night show.  Kiefer (who ended up wearing the toddler t-shirt that Sawyer was rocking earlier in the day as his ticket to ride the rides) fell asleep in Parker's lap, and Selah ended up asleep in Mattie's lap.  The entire crew slept on the van ride home (except Selah). 

Fun times. 

Fun times.

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