Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

We've been having a blast with Vlad and Dima, two orphan boys from Ukraine, who are here for the summer on an orphan hosting trip with Charis adoption ministries.  Last week I didn't have a single second of time to get on the computer and update our blog, mainly because Mattie (our 13yo daughter) was away from the house volunteering at a camp. 

Since the Ukrainian boys were new to our home and family, we had a lot of teaching and training to work on last week (still do).  Now that Mattie is back and we have our full team working together in this tapestry, I hope to update with pictures and videos this week.  I just love how God weaves such a beautifully intricate tapestry before our very eyes, yet when one string is yanked, pulled, tugged, or completely missing, the tapestry so quickly begins to unravel!!!  Praise God for choosing to interweave many capable, selfless, joyfully serving hands into this this tapestry He's creating in our home.  I truly couldn't do it without the help of each family member.

I've truly been amazed by how much we're enjoying having Vlad and Dima with us this summer.  I just LOVE seeing these two brothers working and playing together.  Oh what a tremendous blessing these boys are to my heart.  Seriously.  We've never adopted older boys internationally, nor have we ever adopted boy siblings, so seeing the sweet relationship of these two brothers is a constant source of laughter and joy.  I've always enjoyed boys.  A lot of people aren't fond of wild and crazy, but I get such a kick out of the frogs and snails and puppy dog tails side of boys.
Dima, Vlad, and Kiefer sitting outside the kitchen window lovin' on the dogs.

Vlad holding a frog that he caught.  He LOVES to catch frogs, although this picture doesn't capture his excitement, but it does capture those big beautiful brown eyes that speak volumes to my heart.  I have a picture of our bio son, Parker, when he was about 4 years old, holding a frog in his hand that looks so similar to this photo.  I need to locate it to show you!

See what I mean by frogs and snails and puppy dog tails, these are the things little boys are made of?!?  (I don't have a photo of a snail, but Dima brought one to me the other day!)  There are some things that are just universal with boys, no matter what country or upbringing.  Things like making fart sounds by sticking one's hand in his armpit and thrashing the other arm up and down like a chicken trying to fly.  Things like making spit balls in the bathroom when one is supposed to be brushing his teeth.  Things like leaning to the side while sitting and letting out a sound that sounds like a farm animal, then cracking up so hard that one falls out of his chair.  Things like jumping in the mud puddle instead of walking around it.  Things like trying to kill a red wasp with your hand, just because it's a challenge, then when one gets stung, there's no tears involved, just a nice battle wound to proudly display to everyone.  Things like cutting the stinger off a scorpion, then picking it up to scare Mom.  Things like chasing your sisters with insects just because they'll run and squeal. 

Oh, and I mustn't forget:  Things like tying your brother's "car" to the back of your "Gator" and hauling him around until he crashes and falls over.  Yep, those are the things that get me giggling so hard that I nearly pee in my pants!
This video totally cracks me up.  Reminds me of when I was a kid, and I hitched my little brother's riding toy up to the back of my mini-bike/motorcyle and hauled him around, until one day, he crashed and that was the end of that adventure. 
(Remember that if you're viewing this in a reader or via email, you'll have to visit the blog to view the video.)

Yes, oh yes, the adventures of boys are truly a joy for me.  Did you know that boys are less preferred when it comes to adoption?  Yep, it's true.  The statistics are always changing, but for many years, it's always turned out that boys are less likely to be chosen for adoption.  I'm so very grateful God chose to place these two precious brothers in our home this summer.  I pray they'll soon have the label "CHOSEN" written on their hearts, and the statistics will have less orphan boys in the count.
Slip-n-Slide fun!  Ella gets right in the mix with her wild and crazy brothers!

Brothers through and through.

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