Friday, July 8, 2011

Missing Mattie

Mattie, our 13-year-old bio daughter, has been away all week volunteering as a camp counselor at a nearby Christian camp.  We have all missed her so very much.  Her being gone has clearly shown us how much we ALL depend upon Miss Mattie around here!  She's not only most helpful in all situations, but her positive attitude, encouragement, and sweet spirit just cannot be replaced.  She's our little cheerleader with a maturity and responsibility that's unmatched.  Mattie gets along well with every member of our family, and she's my right-hand-girl in the kitchen, in the laundry room, and with the kids.  One of the best things about Miss Mattie is her servant's heart (which is why she volunteered to be a team servant at this camp).  She sees what needs doing and simply does it.  No one ever has to tell her to do something because she's usually jumped on the task before anyone else can!  Everyone's been counting down the days until Mattie's arrival back home.  Saturday (tomorrow) couldn't come soon enough. 

Each one of our bigger/older kids is a HUGE help, but it's kind of like the hands and feet of Christ.  You need various people to serve as the hands AND feet.  Not just hands.  Not just feet.  Each person has various talents and gifts, and with the variety of treasures that God's given us, He's sewn together this beautiful tapestry where each string plays a vital role behind the scenes to keep the beauty from unraveling.  We've all been trying to hold up Mattie's string (or many strings) while she's been away, but we're so ready to have her return to restore the raveled edges of this tapestry!

We love you and we miss you, Mattie, and we're sooooooooooooo excited about your arrival home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for being you.  There's no one like you, sweetheart. :-)
Mattie fixing Ella's hair.

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