Friday, July 15, 2011

Guitars and Tutus

Our "big kids" are gone to youth camp this week. :-(  Sawyer, Mattie, Meribeth, Parker and Naomi are all at camp, which means Mom and Dad are on our own with the "little ones":  Vlad, Asher, Dima, Ella, Kiefer, and Selah.  We're having loads of fun, even though it's lots of hard work, juggling of schedules, and not many extra helping hands. 

Vlad is a HUGE helper.  He learned to drive the 4-wheeler by himself, and he's a very responsible and mature driver.  He is aware of his surroundings, aware of where all of the kids and animals are, he travels at safe speeds, and he even thinks of others when he's driving.  (He has stopped twice to open and close our main gate for me without even being asked or told to do so.)  Melt my heart! :-)

We've been so impressed with both Vlad and Dima.  It's hard to imagine they've only been here for 2 weeks.  Vlad is speaking SO MUCH English!!!!!!  Both boys are swimming independently, and Vlad acts as if he's lived here his entire life.  He's helpful with chores, he works hard and diligently, he's responsible and mature, and he's confident.  Dima allows Vlad to speak for him, but Dima is coming along and getting more comfortable with each passing day.  Hosting these two boys has been such a joy.  I just don't know how we'ere going to send them back without our hearts shattering.  They MUST return to Ukraine on August 4th, no matter what.  :-(

My friend Lisa brought over a trunk of dress-up clothes for Ella, but the boys got into it just as much as Ella did!  Here are some fun photos of our crazy little ones!

And I'll leave you with some video footage of Kiefer rockin' out in his dress-up costume!

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