Monday, July 11, 2011

Chrissie's Comfies

This project is being put together by Ms. Kaleigh.  Thank you so much, Kaleigh!!!

My name is Kaleigh. I first stumbled upon the Patterson’s blog over a year and a half ago. God greatly used Chrissie in my life to remind me of HIS heart for orphans, a heart that I had shared as a little girl, but needed to recover.  God used my Ecuadorian sister, Chrissie and another Ecuadorian Princess (who is much like Chrissie!) to light a fire in my heart for the orphaned treasures.

Not only that, but the Lord also used Chrissie and her family to teach me more about TRUE love! I am 18 and even though many my age think I’m just a little crazy, I am beyond happy to still be a part of my big family, seeking God to (hopefully) add many more adopted blessings into our lives . In the mean time I am Oh so busy with school, ministry AND beginning an adoption organization with two amazing friends! (LINK:

The thing  though if Mrs. Patterson hadn’t taken the time to graciously share their family life, adoption story, prayer needs and miracles with us all I might NEVER have had a change of heart about the blessing of children, the miracle of adoption and OH so many other things!

Ever since Chrissie left to dance with Jesus I have wanted to thank Mrs. Patterson and her family in some way for sharing Chrissie’s story with the world.

What if she hadn’t shared it? How many orphans would not be coming home right now? How many people’s lives would not have been touched and changed through her words?

So for now one of the ways I can say thank you is through doing things in honor and memory of Princess Chrissie.

I would be soooooo beyond blessed and honored if many of you would consider joining me in one small way that we can be a blessing in Chrissie’s memory.

Samaritan Children’s Heart Project is currently in need of quilts or blankets to give to the children that come to the states for desperately needed heart surgery. (You can learn more about the Heart Project here) LINK:

How many of you who were changed by Chrissie’s story could send at least ONE blanket in her memory??

For those of you who can here are all the details:

Sizes: The suggested standard for the blankets is:  45” x 60”, these would most likely go to the children 3 and under.  They also have a need for the older children, up to 17 years old.  “Afghans” and “throws” are the size guidelines for those.  The blankets for older children must be smaller than a twin bedspread due to luggage restrictions.

Please be sure the designs are age appropriate and that if you are sending a blanket for an older child it has a more mature design (examples: Sports prints, floral, stripes, etc.)

You can make OR BUY any type of blanket you like, just make sure that is big enough to fit the size req.!

Some of the possibilities are: No- sew fleece blankets, patch work quilts, or afghans.

They also ask that you include a square on the blanket with your name, the year, etc. This can be where you honor Chrissie!

For my quilts I have used a fabric paint pen to write:

Boss Your Heart!

Made by Kaleigh Anderson

In loving memory of Princess Chrissie”

The blankets can be sent to:

Samaritan’s Purse
Attn: MaryBeth Slabbert, Children’s Heart Project
801 Bamboo Road
Boone, NC  28607

Many times you will receive a picture of the child who received your blanket. (You may want to include a note with an email address in your package)

There is no deadline that I know of to send these in but I am sure that since they are running low, the sooner the better!

The biggest request is that you PRAY for the child as you make and send your donation!  J

THANK YOU SO much for reading this and for considering helping with this project. If you would like for the Patterson family to see a picture of your blanket or quilt that would be GREAT! You can email a picture to me at: isaiah4523 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Once I have lots of pictures gathered I would love to turn them into a collage and send it to Mrs. Patterson J

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