Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Save a Life Today...

Chrissie's having a hard time right now.  Oxygen sats are low, and other things are off.  Her lungs are having a hard time, even with all of the life support equipment.  The doctors and nurses know how to stay on top of it all though, so there's a team around her administering all kinds of blood and meds to straighten her out!  Praise the Lord for these medical angels surrounding Chrissie!

Please consider giving blood at your local blood bank in honor of Chrissie.  I cannot even tell you how much blood Chrissie has been given that has SAVED her life.  I never realized what a true life-saver blood is.  Literally.  It has saved Chrissie from "coding" several times.  They inject blood straight into Chrissie via the ECMO cannulas whenever her blood pressure rapidly drops, rescuing her before she gets into flatline/code status.  Her ECMO machine is the "rescue unit", and it's rescued Chrissie many times, but without the blood and platelets, the machine couldn't be the rescue unit that it is.  So, I encourage you to go give blood and/or platelets know matter where you are so your gift can save someone's life, too.

If you're in the San Antonio area, you can go to South Texas Blood Bank to donate.  I don't think they're accepting directed donations for Chrissie right now (meaning your pre-approved donation would go directly to Chrissie), but your blood will be a life-saving gift to any recipient in need.

Save a life today...give blood in honor of CHRISTyn Joy Patterson!


Anonymous said...

Still praying for Chrissie and your family.

Michelle said...

called the Red Cross/Inova blood bank here in the D.C. area to talk to a coordinator... i never thought i'd be able to donate blood because i'm on TONS of medications, but decided it was worth a shot, and they said that, actually, i CAN donate, because with few exceptions it isn't the meds that are the problem, it's the condition that makes those meds necessary. so i will be donating blood just as SOON as i can - had a doctor appointment today, Neurosurgery appointment tomorrow, church retreat this weekend, but once i'm back, i'll donate!

Debi said...

Great reminder to donate blood. The Red Cross loves my universal 0 negative blood.
I personally am alive because 2 blood doners set their agenda aside and came to donate blood when I had still experimantal open heart surgury as a 5 year old. I never got to meet them but I think of them and thank God for them every time when I get to donate.
Love and hugs and prayers,

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