Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Shout Out for Some Chrissie-isms!

Chrissie's cardiac surgeon is aiming to take her into the operating room around Noon tomorrow, Monday, April 26, to change up the cannulas, clean out her chest (after it's been open for an entire week...8 days tomorrow), secure her sternum and sew her back up somewhat.  It will be a HUGE Miracle Monday, I just know it.

Chrissie has had more and more movement this afternoon.  I've rubbed her and talked to her and prayed for her, and she has responded with all types of body movements from full body shivers and shakes to foot wiggles to deep and excited deep chest breaths to raising of eyebrows and trying to open her eyes.  It's glorious to experience our sweet baby beginning to wake up and show us that she's in there, resting.  She's behaving herself, too, yet she still gets angry every time the nurse does something to her!  She's only able to show her anger right now through twitches (they already have her hands restrained to make sure she doesn't get an opportunity to pull out any tubes), but we know the twitches and slight movement are a direct response to the medical personnel being near her!  She makes it quite obvious that she does NOT want that nurse near her...some things never change! :-)

As Chrissie begins to wake, I thought it would be fun for me to read to her some of the comments and memories of the thousands of soldiers who are battling in Gods prayer army on her behalf!!!  It doesn't matter if you've never even met Chrissie...everyone has grown to love Princess Chrissie!  Would you take a moment to leave a comment below for Chrissie?  (Just click on the word "comments" at the very bottom of this post and your comment will be emailed to me.)  Feel free to share a favorite memory of Chrissie or a thought about something about her that stuck with you or anything God lays on your heart.  I try to read the comments to Chrissie any time I think she needs encouragement, particularly as she struggles to fight through her big Miracle Monday.

Here's an example of a Chrissie-ism, which was written to me by my 13-year-old son's friend, Clayton:
I remember when i came over once, chrissy was in her booster chair and we started talking about brothers and sisters.We talked for quite a while about the subject. I asked her if she knew that she too was a sister.She said yes and told me how much she loved being one. I thought that was so sweet and from then on i always looked forward to seeing her every time i came over. she's such a sweet and loving little girl and i don't want her to leave this world.

Oh, Clayton, I so remember that day!  Chrissie had only been home with us for about a month when she visited with you about siblings!  She was so curious to know if you had any brothers and sisters.  I was so impressed with the way you cared about Chrissie and took the time to talk to her, instead of running outside to play, you sat patiently to converse with our Serbian Sensation, who loves to talk people's ears off!  Thank you, Clayton, for praying for Chrissie and taking the time to be her friend, when most other teenage boys don't really care about 4-year-old orphans!

I can't wait to receive your comments, and I know Chrissie will be inspired, encouraged, and blessed by your Chrissie-isms!

Chrissie's hand/arm as it lay peacefully under restraint on her first day of movement, 4/25/10.

Emily, remember, Chrissie's just at the spa.  Here's her Swiss Eye Mask to prove it!


Anonymous said...

I have never met Chrissie but am amazed at the strength of this little beauty...the fight and will of someone so tiny shows just how big they are in so many ways...Chrissie you are loved by so many and we send you prayers, hope and love!!!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't met you face to face yet, Chrissie but we have seen you at church and I read all the sweet things your Mommy writes about you. My children, Joey and Rachel, and I are waiting for the chance to meet you and hug your neck when you are feeling better and are able to come to church.

Love, Erica, Joey and Rachel


Chrissie we are all praying for you. I followed your mom and dad's journey as they traveled around the world to bring you home. You are so loved by God and all of us. Please keep fighting beautiful princess as we are all waiting for you to dance your little feet off. You are a true gift from God. Hugs Tammy RR

Anonymous said...

Matt, Lorraine and Precious Chrissie,
I was thrilled and so thankful as I read your latest blog! What an awesome God we serve! Chrissie what a brave and strong little girl you are! You are dearly loved by your family and thousands of people who have never met you. I continue to pray to our loving Father in heaven for the next miracle he will preform in your life and I thank Him in advance for showing His mighty power and sovereignty to all of us through you. May God continue to hold you and your family in the palm of His hand.
Much love and prayers to you Princess Chrissie!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I have never met Chrissie, but I do LOVE looking at her sweet smile! She has stolen my heart. The first time I checked out your blog a while ago....I couldn't resist. If I were there I would love to see her smile & hear her sweet voice. She just sounds like an energetic fun girl.

Reminds me of our little Elizabeth who is also 4, fun, and energetic!!!

Know that our family of 10 are holding you up in prayer!!!! That is a whole 10 on your side, and we can't wait to hear of wonderful news!!!! To see your beautiful smiles again, and to know that you are back home with your wonderful family!

Amy said...

I stumbled onto your blog on accident while I was looking for fellow adoption bloggers. We are adopting a little boy with Down syndrome from Hong Kong in the fall who also just had major open heart surgery in Hong Kong. I pray for you and your family multiple times daily. She truly is a sweet miracle girl. I am a CVICU nurse as well so I understand everything you are posting and also know how much progress that your Serbian Sensation has made! God Bless you all. -Amy

Kathleen said...

We have a daughter adopted at age four from Romania. She also has serious health struggles and has been hospitalized many times. Chrissy, every time your mom writes about your reaction to hospitals and medical procedures, I think of my Maria. She reacted in exactly the same way. I always found myself explaining to the nursing staff, "This is not your fault, she brought these fears with her from Romania." She is now 12 and has gotten somewhat better. A nurse comes to our house every other week to give her an intravenous treatment and Maria always tells her exactly what to do and keeps an eye on everything to make sure all is well.

Anonymous said...

Hello little princess!This is your sister Meribeth, i just want to let let you know that we miss you and we love you very much,just keep fighting, we know that you are a big girl and you can do this.I can't not wait to see you,play with you and love on you baby girl,i will pray for you and i think God is going to answer are prayers and he is going to save your life,you know why?Because he loves you!!
I really miss your hugs so much,i can,t wait to hug you and to kiss you on your little cheeks.

We love you little princess,please don't get tired,just keep go in,because one day you well have a great testimony,that it well bring people hope and become a Christian,

I love you little princess,your big sister Meribeth.

Laine said...

Hey sweet Chrissie!
I don't know you, and you don't know me, but I have a two year old boy from China who just had heart surgery 2 weeks ago. I have been praying and praying for you, Chrissie. I am captivated by your miracle story. Your momma and daddy love you SO BIG and that is evident to everyone.
I bet you've never been to Alabama, but I want you to know that you have TEN people praying from ONE house in a little bitty small town. And we will continue to pray you and your family through!!!!!!
God bless you sweet red boot wearing girl!
The Ferrill's

Brandy said...
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Anonymous said...

Chrissie You are a Hero and such a fantastic princess!! I cant wait to meet you in person! We can talk lots! I like to talk bunches too. You keep fighting so I can hold your hand and we can dance!
Denise Vertrees

sierrasmom said...

Oh Chrissie we are thinking and praying for you all the way in New York. You are so very brave and have touched so many people's hearts. I can't wait to hear more good news!!!
Your new friend
Kathie in NY!!!

Andy and Darlena Stratton said...

Hello there from Mississippi. Chrissie and your family have truly touched our lives in a way that is absolutely overwhelming. We are constantly praying, constantly talking about you guys. If we lay down to nap or sleep at night the first thing we do when our feet hit the floor is check on Chrissie - it's amazing how someone you have never met can become so close. It could happen to any of us. My husband and I are in the process of adopting Ivanna, who will be our Ukranian Princess. Your blogs are amazing and we can truly see that it's a source to not only help you in your time of need but to also bring people closer to God where they/we need to be. Chrissie hang in there and keep focusing on God's eternal light. He will light the path for you to follow. We love you all and are praying without ceasing - I think even when we sleep we are praying because as soon as our eyes open we are focused on Chrissie. Hugs to you Lorraine and your precious family.

Stephanie said...

Following your blog (and Chrissie) after getting the link form the Riggs blog. Praying for Chrissie and your family. I have no extra wise words, no previous experience with anything of this magnitude. But I do have my own SPUNKY, determined princess (from Guatemala), and a faith that God never leaves the room or takes a coffee break. So praying that you are just surrounded (which you clearly already are!) by God's comfort and people to support you. I am so amazed and inspired by how God is working, and how He will continue to, as people read your blog.

Marjorie said...

Chrissie, I have never met you but I have been praying for you since the 19th. I've read your mom's blog all about you and your family. I am a mom with 4 kids, 3 of them adopted internationally just like you. My kids have had major surgeries as well. Last night I woke up several times with your name on my lips. At first I was confused and then I remembered you and prayed for you. I can't wait to see you smiling as you dance in your daddy's arms again.

Mel said...

Keep fighting Chrissie!! You are so loved by many many people! Thank you God for your healing touch on sweet Chrissie!

Rhonda Sloup said...

Chrissie, you remind me so much of my little girl. Hannah has had several surgeries in her short life, including open heart surgery. When I read about your "attitude" with the medical staff, I have to smile. My little miracle feels the same way about them.

My four year-old, Bradyn, has been looking at your pictures and keeps saying, "aww." He's praying for you to get better and wants to know if you can play after your're done at the hospital.

Rochelle said...

Chrissie, You are such a beautiful, strong little princess. I am praying for you to be all better so you can go home and dance with your daddy and play with your brothers and sisters. Be strong, Chrissie. Jesus loves you so very much and so do so many of us praying for you to get better. Praying you'll be home soon wearing your tiara and princess dress.

mrsdlanemoore said...


Cameron, Mayzie and I are praying for you. We are telling our little princess about your story. We are telling her how brave you are and how God is gaining glory through you even though all you've been doing is resting the past few days. Tomorrow is going to be a great day, a day of miracles. We can't wait to hear how it goes. If we were there with you tonight I would play you one of Mayzie's favorite songs. It goes, "I love you a bushel and a peck, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck, a hug around the neck, and a barrel and a heap, a barrel and a heap and I'm talking in my sleep about you, about you! Oh I love you a bushel and a peck you bet your pretty neck I do!" That is what my grandmother used to sing to me when I was little. What I have realized is mommies and daddies, grandmommies and granddaddies, and all our friends and family love us A LOT,a bushel and a peck you might say, but God loves us even more...much more...He loves us so much no words to any song can describe it, but that is okay because God himself will tell you and show you how much he loves you. He will whispher it in your heart, he will remind you in a song, he will show you through the touch of your mom and the kiss of your dad. He loves you so very much! I know there is going to be a lot of medical staff around you in the next 24 hours, and I know you don't necessarly like them to much, but even they will be showing you how much God loves you. When you are a little unsure or scared I want you to remember the words of a song I know you love. "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little one to Him belong. They are weak, but He is strong! YES JESUS LOVES ME! YES JESUS LOVES ME! YES JESUS LOVES ME! THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO!"

I am looking forward to the day I can introduce you to my baby, Mayzie. So she can meet the one we've been praying for. Give your mommy and daddy a hug for me as soon as you can.

D'Lane Moore

Carrie said...

We haven't met Chrissie but you are right, we have grown to love your little princess. I started following your blog a couple of months ago and sharing Chrissie's story with my husband and children and we are praying fervently for Chrissie's recovery. This past week, if I have been out for a while our 15yr old, Mikey, checks your blog for any word about Chrissie and he asks friends and family to pray for her too. Our four year old, Chloe, calls Chrissie on her pretend phone and carries on a conversation with her!! I'm not sure what they are talking about but they get along great! Tell Chrissie her friend Chloe would love to play dress up anytime. My favorite story about Chrissie that I read on your blog was when you and Chrissie were shopping and Chrissie had her baby with her. It was just adorable and so funny. We are encouraged and thrilled by your posts today and will continue lifting Chrissie up to our Father.

Anonymous said...

Chrissie, I've never met you but my family and I have been praying for you. I love seeing the pictures of you dancing with your daddy. I can't wait to see more pictures of you doing that again. Hang in there sweet girl! There are many many people who are praying for you and cheering you on!

Kristie said...

My thoughts of Chrissie is being in my room the other day and singing he's got the whole world in his hands and suddenly I began to sing he's got Chrissie's heart in his hands. I have never meant Chrissie in real life but as Christians I know we are connected. Love you Chrissie! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!

Kristie said...

Chrissie you have brought me to somewhere I have negelected lately and for a very long time, my knee's. THANKYOU!

The Mac's House said...

Chrissie, Matt, and Lorraine,

Like many others posting on here we have never met face to face. I have been following your mommies blog about your adoption to come to be their precious Serbian Sensation. I am so taken by the love that they share so proudly as well as their commitment to God and his eternal wisdom to let them find you.

Your strength is amazing, such a little girl with such a grace, glory and strength of courage.

I am a mommy too and now a Nana to a 23 month old little girl that has the same type of spunk as you. We are all praying for you, your mommy and daddy and brothers/sisters.

Hugs to you from Williamsburg, Virginia

Anonymous said...

Chrissie - Something bigger than anything I know has called me to read all about you. You have now stolen my heart and I am constantly thinking and praying for you. I can't wait to see more pics of you in your daddy's arms in your princess dress! Keep fighting little one, you are strong and faithful.
Mommy to an angel.

Michelle said...

continued prayers for you Chrissie - and you continue to amaze everyone like you've been doing!

Marianne said...

Sweet little Chrissie I am praying for you and am amazed by your strength and will. You are so loved by everyone who knows you, especially your Mommy and Daddy and brothers and sisters. Even people like me who have never met you in person love you and are praying for you. I love seeing pictures of you with your sweet special smile, I especially like the ones when you are wearing your princess dress. But most of all you are loved by God and he is always watching over you and has sent the best doctors to help your heart and take such special care of you. You are a true gift from God.

Lorraine and Matt, your faith is amazing and I am constantly thinking of your precious daughter and praying for her. I pray that tomorrow is a day full of miracles.

May God continue to bless you.
Love, your new friend from Indiana

Susan said...

Chrissie -

I am from Ohio (way up north from Texas), and I have followed your adoption story for a while now. I actually found you from the Blocks blog when Mattie donated the money for the Riggs' adoption. But I have so enjoyed reading all about you and your brothers and sisters and all your adventures.

You are an incredible little girl - one full of so much love and energy. I'm rooting for you as you work to get better so you can get back to life at Forgotten Saw Ranch. I can't wait to read about how you danced and sang your way out of that hospital when you are all better. You take care and get well quick!!

Your friend,

Susan Mueller and all her boys (I have 4 boys!)

kate said...

Hi Chrissie! We are so proud of you! You are doing awesome and you are beautiful! We are praying for you. My daughter Annika really wants you to come play at our house! It would be quite a drive because we are in Ft. Worth, but it would be fun to really get to meet you! Hang in there sweet girl! You are so loved and everyone around you is doing everything they possibly can to make sure you get to jump, run, swim, and dance as much as you want to. We are praying this all happens very soon!
This is one of my favorite verses that I thought you might like to. "The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing." Zeph. 3:17

Susan said...


I should have also said, you fight, girlfriend. You keep fighting through all of this!

Debi said...

As soon as I saw your picture, I loved you. I love the picture whre you look like a princess. I have been praying for you to get better. A lot of other people are praying for you.
You are an AMAZING girl and God has an AWESOME plan for you. He loves you so much. He is with you every second. He is even bigger and stronger than your daddy. When you are afraid, He will make you strong.
Your mommy and dad and sisters and brothers love you so much! They can hardly wait for you to come home and play with them.
God loves you, your family loves you and I love you.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Anonymous said...

~Sweet Sweet Chrissie it is such a joy and honor to pray for you! You don't know me yet but I hope one day I can meet you and you can meet my children. Especially Gabriel who needed his heart fixed too and he had to fight hard like you. Let God's army of angels take care of you, they are there right now and won't leave you. Blessings to you! With love, Maryann Foster

Laughrey Adoption Blog said...

Hi Chrissie,
You remind me of my little daughter Sam. You have the same smile!
I remember the day I saw on reece's Rainbow that your Mommy and Daddy had committed to adopt you. I was so happy. And i knew you would do So well in a family of your own. You are a dear little girl, and God has good plans for you. Our family will pray for you until you are all better and back at home.

Devon said...

Chrissie, you are such a beautiful Serbian Princess and I know you can fight your way through this. You are so strong and you have changed the lives of so many people for the better. We will all be waiting and looking every day on your mama and daddy's blog to see the first time you open those beautiful eyes and show that amazing smile of yours. I am adopting a handsome Serbian Prince and I hope that one day, the two of you can meet and run and jump and play. That will be a blessed day! Keep fighting Princess Chrissie!
Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Chrissie- I know you are only 4 years old, but you’ve already changed all of our lives here at the ranch!! You showed us how to live in pure joy despite a thorn in our side, how to make every person a special friend, and how to live every single minute God gives us to the very fullest. I want you to know that I dream about getting more of those big enthusiastic hugs around my neck one day soon. I love you so much, Miss Christyn Joy.

I smile every time I think of the way you say ‘I want some Stephanie!!’ when you want to spend time with me. I don’t know if you’ve ever just said a plain old ‘good bye’ to me; it’s always ‘Good bye, I love you’! Can you imagine how wonderful that makes me feel?? And you offer up that kind of joy bringing love freely and often. Amazing!!

Another one of my favorite things is when you are on my lap and we read together. We take turns, I read a little bit and then you say ‘Chrissie’s turn now’. You point your finger at each line of type as if you are reading, and babble on in an English sounding stream of words, ending in ‘Amen’. Then it is my turn again, and on and on. It is all I can do to stop myself from giggling and squeezing you in a big hug, but you really ARE reading to me in your own way, and so I listen, enthralled, instead.

I love the way you ask why people are ‘bossing’ you, how you say ‘peeps and poops’, and your dainty oh-so-Southern polite way of saying ‘I no love that’ (instead of ‘yuck!’) I love the way you play hide and seek and say ‘look over here’ when we say ‘wheeeerrrre’s Chrissie’, giving away your hiding place. I love your little green booster seat at the table, and I want you to know that it is there waiting for you. No one else uses that chair because it is YOUR chair. We adore your love of pink bling, and your tendency to put on every bracelet in sight, even if your arm is already covered in jewelry up to your elbow! In fact, you still think your name is ‘Christyn Jewelry’ instead of ‘Christyn Joy’, and I do believe you’d actually prefer it that way :-) Angel, when you come home to us, we will be glad to call you ‘Christyn Jewelry’ for as long as you like!!

You are a precious gift from God above, and we thank Him every day for His generosity in letting us know you and love you. And boy do we ever LOVE YOU!!! It is almost 9:00 on Sunday night and I need to go do our nightly devotional with Parker, Mattie, Meribeth, and Sawyer. Kiefer is almost asleep, and Emily just went back home to take care of Cookie and Mijo. You’ve been a part of this routine dozens and dozens of times, remember? Well we do, and it just isn’t the same without you here. I know it must be hard to keep fighting and putting up with all of those strange hospital smells, tubes, and medicines. But please keep fighting!!! It will be worth it, sweet baby girl, because when you come home you’ll see Emily, Parker, Meribeth, Mattie, Buckshot and Kiefer. You will hold your Barney doll, play with your brothers and sisters, wear your princess crown, and do devotionals in the loving circle of your family once again. We’re praying for you on Miracle Monday and every other day too. Pretend that Miss Stephanie is giving you a big hug right now; I’ll be waiting for you to come home to hug me right back!!!!

meichan1029 said...

I absolutely loved your story about teaching Baby manners in the grocery store - I laughed so hard I cried because I could almost hear your voice scolding Baby. I would love to meet you some day and get to play with Baby together. - Melyssa

Lori said...

Hi sweet Chrissie,
My name is Lori and I have been reading about you and your new life with your mommy, daddy, brothers and sisters. Everytime I look at a picture of you, you are smiling and it makes me smile too!
You remind me a little of me when I was a little girl with your dark hair and dark eyes. But mostly, you make me smile because of how STRONG you are and how much you LOVE Jesus and your life with your family. Did you know, Chrissie that soooo many people are praying for you to get well? I am praying for you every day, several times a day. I can't wait til you can leave that hospital where those nice doctors are taking such GOOD care of you and go home with your family. I can't wait to see a picture of Princess Chrissie laughing and dancing! I don't know you but I love you Chrissie! Stay strong, ok? Your friend in Maine, Lori

Holly said...

Chrissie, I don't know you...but I just wanted to say hang in there are doing wonderfully! I am in awe of the sweet spirit, and sweet determination God has placed in you! I just want you to know that I am praying for you...often...and that God is right there with you! Much love!
Many Blessings...on Miracle Monday!
Holly Jackson

Anonymous said...

Sweet Chrissie. First I must say how beautiful you looked in your pink princess dress! I want you to know that I am praying for you every minute of every day. You are such a strong little girl and I cannot wait to watch you run and play with your brothers and sisters. God loves you precious girl and He is working a miracle in you that will change the lives of thousands of people! I love you and hope to feel one of your super tight hugs one day!!!

Kelly Yates

Anonymous said...

I'm a new friend. I learned about you from Abby's website and have been praying for you for days. God bless you, little Chrissie, and your sweet family.

Anonymous said...

Hello sweet angel! We do not know each other but you and I are sisters in Christ. I pray for you and your family daily in hopes that you will be home with them again soon. Big hugs from a fellow Texas girl! Keep fighting and get well soon precious baby!

Leslie said...

Dear Chrissie,
My family and I are praying for you. We live in the state of Montana. It's a long way from Texas. You are a brave girl! I love reading all the updates your mommy writes. You keep fighting and know lot's of people are praying for you.
The Wright family, Art, Leslie, Sam, AJ and Ethan

Kris said...

You don't have to be a grown up to give glory to God. I wish your work in this world didn't have to be so hard physically on you but you sound like you have a spirit to be reckoned with! May your struggles give you a mighty testimony when you are all grown up. Know that each day you live, through each trial, you are testifying to the grace you have received and the power of God in your life. When your work is done, you will sit with Him in Heaven. Until then, keep the faith and keep fighting the good fight little princess.

Elisabeth said...

Hi Chrissie,
We've never met, but I just wanted you to know that you've got someone in your army all the way from Michigan! I love looking at your smile and the picture of you in your pretty princess dress. Keep fighting girly! You are brave and strong and beautiful. I look forward to your mommy posting about your homecoming party.

with love and prayer from Michigan

Zack, Jenn and William said...

Chrissie, I've been praying for you for a long time - likely since your face first appeared on Reece's Rainbow. You are obviously a beautiful girl on the outside. And from your mom's stories here, I know you are also beautiful on the inside! I'm thankful that God is using your story to tell others of His love and of His son! I pray for you often, and I pray for your daddy & mommy, too. You are already a miracle, a beautiful princess, a strong fighter. Stay strong, and you'll soon be with your family, enjoying lots of chocolate and being pampered just as a true princess should!

Jenn in Georgia

Maggie in North Carolina said...

I'm another that has never met Chrissie, but feel that she was brought into my life for a special reason. I grew up in the Episcopal church and have wandered away from organized religion over the years. But, after being guided to your blog, I have found myself ON MY KNEES, paying to God, begging Him to heal you, Sweet Chrissie. As I'm on my knees, I think of your beautiful smile... so big... and those cheeks...and I get chills. You have changed this world already, and you have no idea. Stay strong, beautiful girlie. You are a fighter and are here to do more AMAZING things... You have already changed my life in such a profound way. ***HUGS***

Our Story: Continued said...

Hi Chrissie! I got to peek in on you this weekend, and my oh my, are you beautiful!! You are very strong and I am very proud of you for hanging in there these past eight days. You have a great family who love you very much and so many people are praying for you to feel better! I have two kids about your size and another child who is your little brother's age and would love to have you and your parents and brothers and sisters over to play when you are feeling better! So get better, sweet princess Chrissie! We will pray for God to make you all better!

Sarah (and Grace) said...

My name is Grace and I met you at Hope Berger's birthday party. Do you remember the funny lady that was singing and playing the guitar? And all the bubbles? I was dressed up like Rainbow Brite. I'm 4 years old too! My mom and dad and big sister pray for you every day and we know you're going to get better. We love you Chrissie!

Anonymous said...

Chrissie...we have not met, but I want you to know that I am praying for you. I live in Africa and I think there must be people all around the world praying for you.
You are very brave and things will get better for you even though it might not feel like it right now.
Jesus loves you very much!

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