Thursday, April 22, 2010

Edit 2/22, 1:49PM:  I was looking back at the posts that went out this AM amidst the trauma.  I should not have typed that Chrissie would probably be brain dead.  In fact, I didn't even realize that I had typed that.  The cardiac surgeon asked us how aggressive we wanted him to be with her in trying to revive her because there were high risks of Chrissie having brain damage this time around.  We told him to be as aggressive as he could so God would have a chance to be glorified.  I told him we would deal with the rest if God chose to revive her.  At this time, we have no idea what the future holds, but I felt the need to edit this should have said, "she MIGHT have brain damage".  Thank you for praying!!!

The cardiac surgeon asked how aggressive we want to be with an option of trying to get her hooked up to an "echmo" machine (sp???) to save her life. She's been dead for over 20 minutes now. If they were able to revive her, she'll probably be brain dead. We said that our God is mighty and we must do all we can right now to save her. We made Chrissie a promise to fix her heart. We pray that God will show us His power and might and that Chrissie woud run and dance and sing and swim here on earth before He calls her home.

This message is sent to you via the blessing of Lorraine's cell phone. :-)

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