Monday, April 19, 2010

Update on Chrissie 4/19, 9:15AM

Chrissie is in surgery now.  We left our house at 4AM and arrived at the Methodist Children's Hospital at 5:30AM.  Chrissie was really excited about getting her heart fixed upon arrival!  She really wants to run and play and swim like all of the other kids, but, bless her heart, she doesn't realize what's involved with fixing her heart.  But, we were most grateful that she was in good spirits.

Chrissie got prepped in pre-op, then on to cardiac surgery pre-op where Dr. Porisch, our God-sent cardiologist, prayed over Chrissie, which brought Daddy to tears, but filled our hearts with the comfort of our Father who has brought Chrissie to this day, our little miracle.

At 7:30AM, the anesthesiologist gave Chrissie a "cocktail", which made her giggle and be totally loopy.  at 7:45AM, they wheeled Chrissie of to the operating room.  She cried a little, but her cocktail made her relax as we kissed her goodbye and loved on her one last time before her surgery.

Around 8:45AM, we were notified that they were able to intubate her and get 3 lines in her veins and they got her bladder catheter in as well without any problems.  The cardiac surgeon had made his incision at that time, and we were told that they would notify us when she was hooked up to the heart lung bypass machine. 

Thank you for praying for our sweet girl!!!

Daddy and Chrissie in the hospital waiting room.

Chrissie with Mommy just before she was wheeled away for surgery.

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