Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Different team in here now.  Looks like they're working on her heart using an external machine hooked up to the catheter that was placed down her throat to her heart.


Amy Bode said...

Praying in Chicago... I just feel like the Lord has put your daughter on my heart.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the updates, we all appreciate them. Still praying and praying and praying!!
Mattie Patterson

Lorraine Fuller said...

Looks like God picked today to lead me to your blog so I could do some heavy praying for your little sweetie. I will be praying like crazy for you and her.
Lorraine F.

Cristie said...


Kim M said...

Praying for your litte one, for you her parents and for the medical team. Praying for wisdom to use the knowledge they have to help your precious little girl. God is good, All the time. All the time, God is good. He alone can sustain life, we just don't always know how He will do that!
Praying in Michigan

Aprilann said...

we are praying without ceasing!
Just post here on the blog. This is about you, not what works best for us! We love you and Matt and know that our God is able. We know He is soveriegn and has your precious baby girl in the palm of His mighty hand! Lifting you up... april and jerry

Cindy Foote said...

Continuing to pray!

Anonymous said...

Praying that the Lord will be Jehovah Rapha to Chrissie and Jehovah Shalom for the rest of you!

We are 6 hours ahead of you in time, so am closing down for the night. I pray for minute by minute improvement in Chrissie's condition.


Anonymous said...


-Kelly, Sachse, texas

Blogging Friend said...

I am really sorry you guys are going through this. I wish so badly you did not have to.
When things start looking bad just remind yourself that she is still alive and as long as she is alive then she can get better.
This morning she was better, and I know the Doctors did not know Chrissie would not tolerate changes so soon. I wish so badly they would have let her be for a day or so to rest and build strength. Unfortunately they take the good sign as a way of moving forward. Hopefully next time they will not be so eager to wean her. But I do NOT blame them at all. I worked in the PICU in a well known Children's Hospital and saw so much many kids like Chrissie. They are better at times and then they are not, but I also saw many of them get better, and Chrissie can do that as well.
God is hearing all of our prayers and will do what is best for Chrissie.
Keep you chin up and remember MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. It happen this Morning when her lungs were clear. That was God's way of letting us know he is there with Chrissie and you guys. He has and will continue to hear our prayers!

Please take care of yourself. You MUST eat fairly good and get some sleep. Chrissie needs you to take care of yourself too.


Connie said...

I am praying! I just saw your post of FB and read back over what's been going on. I'm in tears!!! Bless you! I will pray. Seriously. I also posted it on my Facebook page. We are a praying church!

Amy said...

Continuing to pray day and night. We love you guys!!!

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