Friday, April 23, 2010

Goodnight Y'all!

Those are the words Chrissie always says after our family devo and prayer time before we head off to bed.  I'm longing to hear her say those words again with her heavy Texan accent (that she aquired in all of 6 months of being home!)  One would never know this little girl isn't a true Texan, born and bred, but she got here from Serbia just as quickly as she could!!!

Right now Chrissie is lying in the hospital bed in a medically induced coma on life support, but in "stable" condition, as stable as one can be when machines are doing your breathing and pumping blood from your heart, filtering it through an external machine, and then returning it to your body for you!  Thank God for the miracle of modern technology!!!

Chrissie is wearing her favorite red patent high-top Stride Ride shoes that a "stranger" donated to Chrissie when she got home from Serbia.  (Thanks Mrs. Mercer!)  Those are Chrissie's favorite shoes, and the cardiac surgeon asked if we could get her a pair of high tops to keep her feet from messing up the ligaments after being in a pointed position as her body lays there limp.  Chrissie is only getting to wear one shoe right now b/c the other foot has an IV in it, but I LOVE looking at her bed and seeing her bright red shoe that she loves so much sticking up above all of the equipment that surrounds her bedside.  We were also told that Chrissie likes calcium (that they inject via IV to get her heart to do certain things...her heart responds favoritively to it), so I told them they should give her CHOCOLATE to see how her body responds!!!  (For those new to our blog, Chrissie LOVES chocolate!!!)  The night nurse asked me to place a chocolate bar by her head, next to her baby doll (who is now named Baby Katie), as an incentive to wake up!  So, now Chrissie has her 3 favorite things with her in bed:  chocolate, red patent shoes, and Baby Katie.  The nurse also stated that Chrissie is really finicky!  (Meaning she's ultra sensitive to ANY changes, ANY medications, ANY fluctuations, etc.)  We know our girl is finicky...that's why she loves chocolate more than any other food.  Not only is she finicky, but she's also quite stubborn and such a fighter when it comes to getting her way.  I keep thinking that Chrissie will fight to be able to go home to her family who loves her where she can then run and play and dance and sing and swim because that was the desire of Chrissie's heart prior to our coming to the hospital for surgery.  Chrissie's been known to pitch a fit when she doesn't get her way, so I can just imagine her pitching a fit to God and telling Him how she really wants to go to her house in Wimberley for now, and she'll go to Heaven later. :-)  That's just the way she is...she knows what she wants and when she wants it and how to obtain her desire.  Chrissie, we ask you to fight hard, girlfriend, but to trust God's will because His will is always better than our most fabulous desire.  Oh, how we pray that His will is for you to return to your family and home at Forgotten Saw Ranch where you will be greeted by the biggest sea of chocolate you've ever seen, but I have no doubt that God has an even bigger and grander sea of chocolate waiting for you in Heaven.  I know you'll be happy and content either place, Chrissie, but  oh how I pray you'll sweet-talk God into giving you more time on earth so you can bless others and bring Him even more glory.

Matt and I are sitting in hospital recliners in the same room as Chrissie, along with a full-time ECMO specialist and Chrissie's night nurse.  We're listening to K-LOVE and the rhythm of the breathing machine/ventilator.  It's actually very peaceful in here.  Matt and I are experiencing a peace that surpasses all understanding that is coming as a direct result of your prayers.  This feeling is incredible to experience.  Even though we don't know the outcome with Chrissie, we have peace.

One of our major concerns was how our children would handle things if God chooses to call her to His home.  I know God will get us all through it if that is His will, but that's a pain no one ever wants to go through, much less see their children suffer through.  Our Meribeth (who we adopted from Colombia at the age of 11) has suffered the loss of her bio mother and her bio grandmother (who was raising her after her mother died).  I have been so concerned about how she would handle yet another loss, if that's what God chooses for Chrissie.  Tonight, I received the following email from Meribeth, which brought such a comfort to my heart...a peace that surpasses all understanding.  Here is Meribeth's email, copied and pasted directly from my email inbox without any changes made except that I italicized her words so you could tell which words belong to Meribeth (and I need to mention that I haven't discussed my concerns about losing Chrissie with Meribeth, other than the comment that I made on this blog the first time Chrissie died):

hi! this is Meribeth i just want to let you know that were fine,we miss y'all sooo much and we love y'all.

If anything happens, don't worry Chrissie well be fine in wherever place she goes.

Were trying are best we can,with a big smile!!!!!

We hope to see y'all soon.

Mom i'm really sorry for all things you have bean through,i felt that way in a long time a go, just be strong and trust the Lord,

he is the most powerful man believe it or not!!!!

I'm so proud of you,you write the most beautiful things,you touch my heart,that is amazing!!!!!

I love you so much,i hope to see you

Meribeth, your daughter


Sarah said...

Can't stop praying for Chrissie and your family. As Meribeth wrote, you are an amazing writer. You show such beauty as your trust in the Lord. A beauty that is God's alone. I have sent a prayer request out via email to all my friends... near & far. There are so many people joining you in prayer. I thank God tonight for that "peace" that surrounds you, your husband and Chrissie. Good night... from California.

Cassie said...

I am new to reading your blog... my mama posted a link requesting fellow bloggers to read and PRAY. I have been checking in on Chrissie non-stop for 2 days! Every hour or so i make myself find a computer and check back.

i don't normally leave comments on blogs of people i don't know, but tonight i HAD to comment! You said that Chrissie would be pitching a fit to God and asking to go home to your house for now and heaven can wait... or something like that...

it instantly reminded me of my little brother's experience in ICU, drug-induced coma, not much hope for life. Sometime after he was miraculously healed and came home, normal, happy, spunky and pitching his normal 3 year old fits he told us of his visit to see Jesus, twice, he said that both times he asked Jesus if he could "go home now?" and that Jesus said "yes!"...

i am praying and believing for the same answer for Chrissie! She is BEAUTIFUL and such a TREASURE!!!

Thank you for being an INCREDIBLE example of God's love! You have reached more people than you know! I am encouraged by your Faith, boldness, love and genuine heart!

May the Lord bless you and keep you tonight as you "rest"(i know hospital rest is not normal) and may tomorrow bring miracles GREAT and SMALL. May Angels surround your room and may Chrissie WAKE(be healed) and tell stories of meeting Jesus face to face just as my little Elijah did!!!!

praying from Oregon,

Carla (Choosing His Joy) said...

Your posts bring me to tears every time and they always touch my heart so! I praise the Lord for your family--for your souls, your hearts that are on fire for Him-- so genuine amd confident and without insecurity. I long for that and I truely admire that as I ready each and every word you type. Oh how I pray that the Lord performs another miracle and wakes her up, heals her, and brings her home--I am so praying! But ultimately, I praise God for being such a loving Father that wherever she ends up, she will be surrounded by all things good and be full of love.

God bless you and your family, from a new and faithful reader!

Love In Him,

Anonymous said...

Meribeth's letter has made me cry! I can only imagine the roller coaster ride you are all on, but I praise God that you are feeling His peace. I am still holding you all up in prayer.

How is Kiefer doing?


Laurel said...

What a precious note from your daughter! Truly a gift.

Our 3 year old son "went to heaven twice, and then God let him come home". Those were his exact words, 2 years after his week long drug induced coma. Praying that Chrissie will speak those same words!!!

Our other "child" that had the most difficult time dealing with little brothers possible death ... our 20 year old son. He was serving in Iraq. He had to be flown home because his baby brother "was dying". 2 months before he had watched 2 friends die in combat. And just 2 weeks before, he'd had 2 high school friends die in a romantic murder/suicide. Oh how he grieved when he heard that his baby brother might die.

Yes .. the peace that passes understanding. My husband and I felt that too, as we sat in ICU, watching the machines keep our son alive.

Many prayers being said for y'all tonight!!!

Laurel :)

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you this morning, praying that God puts a healing hand on this baby. God Bless you all, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I have also asked my friends to be praying.

Looking for a Miracle,
From KY

Megan said...

Lorraine, thank you for sharing Meribeth's email. Praise God who makes all things new and who has a plan for His precious children. Praying for you today!

Ang said...

Good Morning~

Praising God for His peace that surpasses all understanding.

A Sister in Christ,

The Fab 5 said...

Rejoicing that it was a "quiet" night. I prayed through out the night for Chrissie and asked God that he heal her little body. I will continue to pray or her and your entire family through this tough time.

Kelly said...

Praying for chrissies miracle! I have been struggling and so very frustrated with God over the length of time our adoption is taking.... Praying for chrissie and hearing of your faith has brought me back to the peace that can only exist in surrendering to Gods will.... I would trade it for chrissie to wake up. But thank you sweet girl for for helping me see what I had lost!

Unknown said...


Your faith is inspiring and your sweet words of love for your children are beautiful!

Merebeths email is precious! I love that she signs your daughter. A few of our girls do the same thing and I love it!

We continue to pray for you and your family!

Praying for a miracle.


G said...

Her letter is so sweet and I know it was just want you needed to hear.

Continued prayers.

Petrie said...

I am happy to hear you are at peace presently. You are in my prayers here in Georgia. Hang on to that hope in Christ! Blessings Abound, Petrie

Terynn said...

I have only just 'met' you and your family this week, but I simply must say...You are all SHINING examples of Christ. You are representing Him well and He is well-pleased.

Know that many are praying for your darling daughter to be healed, here in this life. To God be the glory, for He alone can revive her.

Blessings of peace that passes understanding, in the name of Jesus...Amen

The Ferrill's said...

Big sweet tears. Oh how your family is on my heart and in my prayers.
I'm so thankful to see that Chrissie is stable on the ECMO machine. I pray she will be God's little warrior princess and fight fight fight....according to His will!
Hugs from Alabama

Cathy Lundgren said...

Lorainne and Matt-you don't know me but I just wanted to let you know that has called on my family and me to pray for Chrissie and you :)
Your heart for the Lord and your children is so sweet and is reaching out to many during this difficult time! I'm so glad you trust the Lord and HIS WILL and know that it will be perfect! A good friend of ours died during holy week-and he always said "either way he wins"AND it is true-Either way Chrissie wins:). God's blessings of strength and love during ther days ahead-AND YES the peace that surpasses ALL understanding!
Love from Minute and the Lundgrens!
Paul-Cathy-Hannah :)

The Mac's House said...

What a sweet girl Meredith is, she definitely is very strong.

Chrissie is wise beyond her years no doubt, she knows as well as I do that Chocolate is a food group all on its own. LOL :) Devoted Chocolaholics must stand together!

Great post to wake up to, praying this morning for Chrissie..... kisses to her.

ashleypmo said...

Praying that the Lord will heal Chrissie and bring her home, because I would love to meet her the next time we trek down to the Blue Hole! And Meribeth, too---the Lord has given her wisdom and a beautiful faith. (((Hugs)))

Difference2This1 said...

Praying for your family. Thank you for letting strangers into your life via your blog so that that we can join your friends and family in prayer for your sweet little girl. God bless, Jennifer

Amy said...

Tears... prayers... more tears... CHANGED by your example.

Anonymous said...

I can just imagine her little red shoe sticking up in a sea of hospital white. Chocolate, Baby Katie, and her fave shoes, just what our sleeping Serbian Sensation needs! Meribeth's email was so sweet, made me smile. Can't wait until I can hug you Mama!
Mattie Patterson

Lisa said...

The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.

~ Psalm 29:11, NLT

What a true blessing God has given you with the peace you feel, God is taking care of ALL his children. I love that you are listening to KLOVE what a wonderful uplifting music station, I truley belive that its more then just a music station but a God connection.
Praying still for Chrisse's heart to get the rest that it needs to start pumping in sync, and for the fluid to leave her lungs and little body. For her BP and OX to be stable too. Praying for you and your whole family to continue to feel that peace that can only come from our Mighty God.
Father God thank you for all you have done and continue to do, you are a Mighty God, and nothing is to big or to small for you to take care of. Please bless and annoint this family. You know Chrissie's needs thank you for all you have done.

Karin said...

What an amazing blessing to have Meribeth respond in such a mature way. It is obvious that she has a real relationship with God. Your family is on my mind constantly and am praying, praying, that God will allow your sweet girl some more time here on earth with ya'll. Your testimony is an encouragement to many.

Connie said...

Still praying. Go Chrissie! Such a precious email from Meribeth. I know that blessed you in a big way. It blessed ME!

Kritter Krit said...

Wow. What an amazing gift from your daughter. I had to do quite a bit of blinking to be able to see the screen. Incredible.

Blogs are weird little things. It's bizarre really, when you think about it, the instant closeness you can feel to perfect strangers. Especially fellow believers. I find myself thinking about you guys and praying for Chrissie continually throughout the day. When I have to be away from the computer, it's all I can do not to RUN back to it, skidding and popping wheelies to check for updates when I return home.

I long for your trust in our Savior. A faith that's unfaltering, regardless of circumstances. And let's just cut to the chase, this is The Granddaddy of circumstances. (I've found myself just about hugging the breath out of my daughter lately, poor thing. I think about you guys and I just want to hold her, much to her wiggly chagrin.) I think part of the big bawl fest that I experience when reading your words comes from my desire to be better than I know I am. When the trials of life come, I just...become fearful. I box God in and I make Him too small. And I'm so ashamed of that. I can't tell you how inspiring it is to read the testimony of someone fully relying on God. FULLY relying on God. Regardless of how this trial unfolds, I know that trust will translate into you guys being able to fully experience His blessings.

Love from Arkansas,

Cindy Foote said...

Just speechless right now. Praying for Chrissie.

Gay Lynn Joseph said...

Pattersons - I told the story of Chrissie to my Teen Leadership Class at Dahlstrom Middle School this week. We were doing lessons on values, standards and principles. The conversation had evolved around where America was heading and falling in these three areas and how strong they as 14 year olds would need to be when entering high school. I read your blog on Monday, and I immediatly felt convicted to use your famly and this story as an example of a family whose values, standards and priciples are in place. They so desperatly crave examples of families like yours. The kids were enamered with this story and want constant updates. I did not leave out the fact that your lives are built entirely around your faith in God and that you put all trust in him. I share my faith pretty freely (even though this is public school) but this story has opened the doors for conversations with these 8th graders that I have not had. I petitioned to them to pray for Chrissie and I know they are. You family's testimony is touching so many. This precious little baby is an ambassador of Christ's love. Dennis and I ( and a bunach of eight graders at DMS) are praying for all of you. Thank you for your example. Blessings, The Josephs (Dennis and Gay Lynn)

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