Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Too many clots, too big to get out.  Next approach, medicine poured into area to break up clots, which works like Liquid Plumber.  (My explanation on this live version of life or death plumbing.)

Dangers with this is that meds could reach heart and mess up clotting.

Dr. Kupferschmid is trying to get back, shooting for 4 PM.

May have to open her chest again to suck all of the clots out.

The right atrium of heart is expanding quite rapidly as the ECMO can't suck the blood out of her heart.  It's tripled in size in 4 hours.  They're getting the operating room prepped now, but praying we can keep Chrissie hanging in there until Dr. Kupferschmid gets back.

Oh, the drama.  Dearest Chrissie, keep fighting baby girl.  Battle my little warrior princess!


Andrea said...


Melinda said...

We are praying hard for sweet Chrissie and your family! We are lifting her up to the Father and believing for a miracle and complete healing and restoration for her body!

momto5 said...

Praying praying please listen to us lord please heal our Chrissie restore her body her mind her heart please lord we dont want to give up Shes come so far Please be with her and comfort her like only you can Prayers coming from many folks I know in FL NC SC Md we are all here for you ... Love and prayers Gina

Lori said...

Dear Lord once again we come to you pleading for Your Healing Hand upon Chrissie and wisdom for her medical team! We raise this precious child before You, knowing how very much You love her and are in control--even when Chrissie's stats aren't so in control and emotions are high. We will be still and know that You are God. We trust that Chrissie WILL be healed in Your perfect timing and according to Your will. We ask that You restore her lungs and heart so that they function well, so that Chrissie can ultimately go home with her Momma and Daddy and siblings---and DANCE for Your Glory! Amen!

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