Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chrissie is doing OK.  They've got her blood pressure figured out now, and Dr. Porisch did an echo of her heart to make sure there weren't any big bleeds.  She didn't find anything that looked alarming, so tonight's plan is to just keep up with the things as issues arise by being on top of things immediately.  The nurses and ECMO tech have orders and instructions of how to handle anything that might go wrong, so I feel like it will be a good night.  Chrissie is resting well.  They're giving her extra pain medicine as needed (when she starts to move around and they watch her pupils), and they also have an extra sedative that they can give if she needs to settle down.  So far, she's been handling everything very well.  They won't know for a few days what her lungs will be doing, how the pumping is going from her heart, etc.  They'll be able to "test" things out here and there to see how she does with the machines turned down a little, with the ultimate goal (of course) to be able to turn the machines completely off (remove them) and see that Chrissie can hold her own.  Not sure how long that process will take.  It's my understanding that the ECMO can support the lungs for several weeks, but right now it's just too early to know the outcome.  We're just elated that Chrissie's alive!!!  Praise the Lord!!!

Faithful followers know that our daughter Mattie did fundraising to help Abby Riggs, a 5-year-old girl adopted from Guatemala who has cancer, obtain "Abby's Wish", which is to adopt a baby brother or sister.  Well, we've become cyber-friends with Abby's family via our dear friend (in real life!) Amy Block.  Brent (Abby's dad) came over to Give Kids the World during our Make-a-Wish trip with Chrissie to introduce himself while he was in Florida on business back in March. 

Well, Brent called tonight to see if we'd be willing to be guests on his online radio show.  What an honor to be a special guest in honor of our precious Chrissie.  I continue  to be totally blown away by how God is using our Serbian Sensation.  Seriously.  You can listen to the recorded radio show from toinight if you missed it, and Brent decided that we'd do a series on Chrissie because she's such a miracle with a big story to tell to bring honor and glory to God.  So, you can tune in tonight (Tues. 4/27) at 10PM to listen to Part 2 of Chrissie's story by going to the link above (radio show in blue).  You can also call in live to ask questions.  Pretty neat stuff.  I feel very unworthy of being a guest because I've done nothing special AT ALL.  I am just a normal person who happens to be privileged to call myself Chrissie's mom.  Chrissie is the one with the story to tell, but since she has a tube down her throat (intubated) and is unable to talk, I am most honored to spread her miraculous story on her behalf.  I just pray that one day Chrissie will be a guest on the radio show...she ADORES talking on the phone and being the center of attention, so I have no doubt she'd be delighted to talk all of your ears off!!!

Thank you all for praying.  I have to confess that I seriously didn't think we'd still be hanging in this long.  I felt like God was preparing me to allow Chrissie to go live with Him now, even though I didn't want to let go.  I just really wasn't sure that if Chrissie "coded" (died/heart stopped) in today's surgery that she would be coming back to us on earth.  I am so elated that God chose to bless us with Miracle Chrissie pulling through on Miracle Monday. 

Thank you Abba Father!  Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude.


BB said...

He's a faithful God...it is well!!

Laurel said...

I listened in on Brent's show tonight. It was great to hear you tell Chrissie's story.

I didn't know that you were Real Life Friends with Amy Block. We met their precious family on our Bloggy Road Trip last fall. And, Amy has been a solid prayer partner as we walked through an Adoption Nightmare this past year.

Fun to know that we have mutual friends. (We met Michelle Riggs and the 3 younger kids on our road trip, as well. Brent couldn't make it.)

Prayers, Hugs, & Blessings to you all,

Laurel :)

Anonymous said...

I am very unfamililar with your blog (beginning of Chrissie's "story") but I did read God told you HE would save Chrissie. Keep your faith, clearly it was built on the ROCK. YOu are doing an awesome job, and I'm sure you are an inspiration to other people. I know you're blessed to have Chrissie--but she too is blessed to have parents who pray and Believe in the Father so fervently!! Praise the Lord!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God, my prayers will be continuing for more improvement today.

Blessings from KY

anne said...

Praying and praising with you from Serbia!

Shelli Craig said...

So happy to hear that Chrissie is doing okay Thinking of you all often and praying hard!

Amy said...

Oh sweet friend- you are nothing close to normal. You are an AMAZING TESTIMONY to our AMAZING GOD and all that HE can do when you allow HIM to do it. Thank you for your shining example. So many of us run when things get tough- when things done turn out the way WE had planned. But not you- you hang in there- giving God the glory and that is exactly why you are so special. :0) We ADORE your family and pray for you constantly. Love you! Amy

Kat said...

Wanted to check in this morning before I headed off to our Co-op. Praising and praying this morning for sweet Chrissie. May God's healing Hand continue to hold all of you!!!!

Melissa G said...

Lorraine, I don't even really know you, but do you know what the first thing I thought of when I awoke from my slumber this morning was?? Seriously, my brain said, "Wow, I am SO sore. That was an awful night's sleep....BUT THINK OF POOR LORRAINE!! She didn't even get to sleep in her own bed last night, stop feeling sorry for yourself!!" :)

It may not be "Miracle Monday" anymore, but we are praying for you just the same. Lord, please give the Patterson's strength as they continue this battle and journey. Please give rest to their body- and to their spirits as well. Help them to remember they are loved from every angle, and help us their brothers and sisters to continue to love them and lift them up.

:) Hang in there girl, you're gonna make it!!

Our mission said...

We heard about Chrissie through RR and are praying for her and your family. May God be with you and give you His peace that surpasses understanding.
The Adamsons

Kandi Ann said...

Prayers have been heading your way all morning. I will be on the road again here shortly (which is why you need twitter ;O) And don't know when I will be able to check in again as my destination has yet to add internet. Stay strong Princess. xoxo, Kandi Ann

Holly said...

I continue to stand in Awe of your ANCHOR...OUR anchor.
He is faithful.
Prayers continue for your fighting baby girl!

RK said...

I listened to the whole show--while doing dishes, after the kids were in bed...so perfect, the timing-- and I really enjoyed all of it. I look forward to tonight as well. We're continuing to pray for Chrissie and your whole family. Thank you for wearing your faith so proudly. Not ashamed of the gospel of Christ! Chrissie is touching lives and witnessing to people all over the world even while she sleeps. God is SO good...ALL the time!

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