Monday, April 26, 2010

Miracle Monday Middle of Surgery Report

We were at the food court trying to eat some type of protein (we hadn't eaten much of anything today and suddenly felt shaky) during Chrissie's surgery when we my cell phone rang.  My  heart sunk when it was the nurse from the OR.  She told us that Dr. Kupferschmid needed to speak with us in person.  Our hearts sank as we ran back to the 5th floor waiting room, darting through the crowds, trying to prepare for the worst since this was an up-close, in person consult DURING surgery.  EEK! 

Our adrenaline was pumping as we flew through the hallway and ran straight into Dr. Kupferschmid, who was leaning against the wall, but had a glow on his face with a smile like I've never seen before.  He said, "Sorry to interrupt your lunch!"  I said, "You're smiling...I take that as a good sign!  What's up?!?"  Dr. K said, "Well, you know how I told you about how her left ventricle needed outside support to function?"  (I had just signed the risk papers of "ventricular failure".)  I said, "Yes..."  Dr. K excitedly reported with such a glow on his face, "Well, it's doing remarkably well, well enough that I think it won't need any outside support!"

WHAT?!?  We were in SHOCK!  But, it is MIRACLE MONDAY!!!

So, Dr. Kupferscmid explained that they still wanted to keep her on the ECMO machine, BUT they could insert the ECMO cannules (tubes that draw blood out of the body, circulate it through the ECMO machine for life support "treatment", then send it back into the body) into the neck instead of through the heart/chest, which is a better option because if they put the cannules at the neck, they would be able to completely clean out the chest and lungs, then secure the sternum and completely close up Chrissie's chest, which would help in a multitude of ways, particularly in helping guard against infection, which could take Chrissie's life.

Getting the cannules out of the chest and into the neck also means that they potentially wouldn't have to re-open Chrissie's chest again, which they would have had to do eventually to remove the cannulas once her left side of her heart was strong again.  But, since it appears that God has miraculously begun healing Chrissie's left ventricle to the point where it appears to be able to function on its own, we opted to go with moving the cannulas to the neck.

This poses other risks because they'll insert one cannula (to suction blood out of the body) into the carotid artery (or maybe it was the cerebral of the big ones in the neck) and they'll put the return end of the cannula (the one that pumps the treated blood back into the body) into the jugular vein.  (Or it could be vice handles blue blood and one handles red blood...I'm clueless.)  Well, this can put risks to Chrissie's brain because the blood flow will be cut off at this site (I'm guessing temporarily...don't fully understand), but it is a risk to the brain, but not as risky (in my opinion) of having the ECMO cannulas in the heart.  The neck is where a "normal" ECMO patient has his/her cannulas.

So, Chrissie is now in surgery with a surprising new plan on Miracle Monday!!!  They will still clear out her lungs aggressively, clean out her chest, take both cannulas out of her heart, stop the bleeding in the heart (as best as possible), leave chest drainage tubes in, close up the chest, keep Chrissie intubated, and insert new cannulas at the neck and get her all hooked into the ECMO machine.

Still extremely risk procedures (and if we hadn't been through so much worse with Chrissie, we would be totally freaking out that they're doing this right now), but we already have a big miracle to record and praise God for on Miracle Monday.  The improvement of the left side of the heart.

We need to pray that the entire heart will work properly and that the lungs will accept the new (increased) blood flow that they've never seen before.  The heart still has quite a ways to go and so many things to learn how to do, but our God is so able, so it is my earnest pleading that He please continue to show His miraculous healing hands and save Chrissie's life, giving her a mended broken heart that shows the miraculous stitchwork of our most gracious Heavenly Father, the Giver of life, the Lover of orphans, the Healer of the sick.

Whew, this is such an emotional roller coaster, but we are SO VERY blessed by the army of prayer warriors lifting us all up, faithfully battling for our princess.  I cannot even tell you how wonderful it feels to have your support.  I am so humbled at all of you who have fasted and/or are fasting on behalf of CHRISTyn Joy.  I know our Father is even more tickled than me!  He loves you so, and oh how His heart dances to have you in fellowship with Him, on behalf of the least of these.

"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me."  Matthew 25:40

Thank you for fasting and praying!  We love you and thank you, but our Heavenly Father loves you and thanks you even more!  Sweet fellowship of Believers in union for the least of these...nothing sweeter in my mind!


Jodi said...

Fingers crossed and praying!

Kathleen said...

Wonderful News! PTL!!!

Shelley said...

We're continuing to pray for Chrissie and many more miracles that will allow her to run out of that hospital and live a long and healthy life.

The Fab 5 said...

On my knees now praying for sweet Chrissie and the doctors with her now!!! praying Praying PRAYING!!!!

The McBs said...

Praise the LORD... for He is GOOD!!! Waiting for the next Miracle Monday Update with great anticipation! COME ON LITTLE SWEET THING!

And patiently waiting... said...

Praise the Lord and we will keep on praying!!!

The Jakes said...

Praise God! God is good all the time! All the time, God is good! I'm so happy with this news and will keep praying. Lorraine, my mother's heart goes out to you and the emotional roller coaster you are on. Your ability to give God the glory every step of this ordeal is a witness to's like you've got God goggles on and by sharing what is going on, it's like you are letting us try on your new "shades" to see how things look. Thank you again for sharing - Julie

Melissa G said...

Wooo Hooo!!!!

amyl4 said...

Praise God! We'll continue to pray for Kristen and be comforted knowing how much the Lord loves your sweet little girl! She is in the best Hands!

Meredith said...

Praising God for this wonderful miracle and praying He continues to show His hand in all of this.

Continuing prayers, praise and thanking God for the gift of Chrissie.

Ang said...


Praying without ceasing. (as much as possible with the two babies and two older ones now home from school :-)


Corrie said...

storming the gates of heaven on behalf of your precious princess!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that the Stolz's in Cincinnati, along with everyone I can find to give your site link to, are all praying for your entire family.
Last night, about the same time you were up posting, I awoke, and could not get back to sleep. I was thinking of Chrissy, and decided that maybe the Good Lord awoke me to pray right now, and offer up my lack of sleep today for Chrissy and her wonderful family. So I did.
We are Catholic, I said a Rosary for Chrissy's healing, pleading with Our Father to hold her together through the night and through this surgery today. My "fasting" was from sleep last night.
Thank you for updating us all so well. I will continue to pray and pass along your website for others to pray.
In Christ,
Mary Stolz
Milos Stolz (Adopted from Serbia Dec 2009)

Anonymous said...

Well it IS Miracle Monday after all!

I just spent some more time on my knees before the Lord, beseeching the great Jehovah Rapha for a full healing in His name. May the Lord be glorified.


Becca Harley said...

Praise God!!! He is our Healer! Believing and praying with you

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

AMEN!!!!!!!! How AWESOME! Praising & Celebrating with you.....praying for more miracles for Chrissie- who is of course such a miracle already! WOW- just sooo happy, and we will continue to cover you all in prayer!!!

Anonymous said...

That is such amazing news! Love how He works!

Continuing to pray.

Tracy V

Kevin and Krista said...

Praise God!

All day long I have been thinking, "This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it," whenever I pray for Chrissie. Praising God in this storm!

:) Krista

The Land Family said...

PTL for miracles!! He is a God of miracles!!!

Qadoshyah said...

Wonderful, amazing news!

Cathy said...

Just got up from being down on my knees praising God for this news and asking Him to bless you with even more good news. He is so good!!! Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him.

Mark and Melanie said...

Although none of this is a surprise to God, what a wonderful gift to Chrissie, all of you (her family), and those of us who are praying for her! We truly do serve an amazing God who makes miracles possible!! I am so happy for your good news and will continue to pray every moment I can.

Kritter Krit said...

WOW! Such wonderful news!!

Continuing to pray, pray, pray.


Cindy said...

Praise God! Waiting to see what is the next miracle on miracle Monday. Continuing to pray!

Larry Barcroft said...

Thank-You so much for sharing!
As we continue praying to,and waiting on the Lord for Chrissie,I realize, I'm being blessed by spending more time with the Lord today!

Chrissie continues to be a BLESSING TO US, even as she is unconscious,totally dependent on the Lord and his faithful servants.

We may not be there physically(I wish we could be,to say we Love you,your family ,and Chrissie in person)but the Lord is there in our stead.(even better)
Praying,Believing and Trusting in Jesus.

Sarah said...

Wow! This is wonderful! God is so good!


Shelli Craig in NC said...

Praying hard! Sending you guys a ton of love.
Chrissie: I can't wait to see you all in pink -- including your sweet little body! You are incrdible and I think of you often and pray for you very often!! Keep fighting!

Just Me said...

I have been praying for your family all day and waiting desperately to get to my computer to check.

The truth is that as a healthcare provider (albeit with chronically ill adults) I tend to be a bit jaded by what my experiences have been, which is that only so much life support can help. On the other hand, I live a life I call miracle simply because I have managed to survive a serious chronic illness that seemed untreatable for years and now is barely an issue. So I know miracles DO happen. I just don't remember that as much as I should.

Chrissie is certainly the reminder we all need that faith can move mountains.

Larry Barcroft said...

Thank-You so much for sharing!
As we continue praying to,and waiting on the Lord for Chrissie,I realize, I'm being blessed by spending more time with the Lord today!

Chrissie continues to be a BLESSING TO US, even as she is unconscious,totally dependent on the Lord and his faithful servants.

We may not be there physically(I wish we could be,to say we Love you,your family ,and Chrissie in person)but the Lord is there in our stead.(even better)
Praying,Believing and Trusting in Jesus.

Cammie Heflin said...


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful news!!! I am praying the good news continues on and on.


Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

I've been following your blog almost to the point of stalking! :) amazing!! Gos is so good and He is hearing our prayers.

you and your family are in my daily thoughts and prayers.

- laura

Jill said...

Praise the Lord!!
Jill :)

Anonymous said...

~My teenage daughter said "Yeay Mom our prayers worked!" While I know it takes the prayers of us all I thought it sweet that she was proud of our time on our knees together.
We are smiling with you. JOY JOY JOY! Maryann Foster

Anonymous said...

Praising God with you. Your faith in such an extremely difficult circumstance is encouraging to me. Praying and fasting here in Sydney Australia, for the complete healing of your Chrissie's heart.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful watching the miracle unfold one step at a time!! Dear Lord keep your healing hand on this baby, keep the angels encamped around her bed and we will sit back and wait on the miracles one step at a time as we pray, pray, pray!!! God bless this baby!!!
Love and Prayers from KY

junglemama said...

Amazing! Woo-hoooo!

Anonymous said...


Lori said...

THANK YOU, GOD O GREAT PHYSICIAN!! Please continue to work Your healing miracle on the precious child that is Chrissie! Allow her lungs to adjust to the increased blood flow and let ALL functions be where they need to be in Your Name, Lord! Amen! And I have to add, it was the strangest thing just now, I have obviously NEVER heard Chrissie's voice but I happened to glance at the photo at the corner right of your blog and clear as DAY I heard this smiling little voice say "See? I TOLD y'all we could do it!* You've got spunk, Miss Chrissie--keep fighting!

Kat said...

PRAISE GOD!!!! WOO HOO!!!! Praying! Praying! More Praying!!!

Family Rebuilding the Wall said...

REJOICING, praising and praying right alongside you!

Looking Up said...

Praise God that the left ventricle has improved! Praying!!!!

trustandobey said...

So thankful for this news for your little one! Praying!

Wife of the Pres. said...

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust."
{Psalm 91:1-2}

Still praying and PRAISING GOD for this Miracle Monday!!!

We're all praying for you and cheering for you Chrissie!!!

Heart hugs from another heart miracle Susannah and her Mommy and family!

Stephanie said...

Praise Jesus!!!!!!!!

Sean and Lisa said...


As I get up to feed our baby during the night Chrissie is in my thoughts and prayers. I have been praying non stop all day for her and am rejoicing that God is doing His miracle working thing!!
Much love!

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