Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things are a little calmer in here now, but they had to place a tube/catheter down Chrissie's throat and into her heart that is attached to an external "shocker" that is telling it what to do.  The bottom 2 chambers of Chrissie's heart aren't in sync with the top 2.  Her oxygen saturation is at 69%, and she's being given 100% oxygen through the ventilator.  The nurse is the only person left in here, so that's a good sign that things are atleast stabilized.  We'll get the blood CO2 results back sometime within half an hour or so.

Stay on your knees, and we are most grateful for your prayers.  Our Jehovah Rapha is our Healing God, our One and Only, our All in All.  He's building a testimony so great that will reach the ends of the earth for His glory.  He is my Love, and I pray He'll us this testimony to bring others to know, love and adore Him.  He's the best, simply THE BEST. 

We are blessed and most grateful for your prayers.  Thank you!


Linda said...

Praying for your angel. Praying for peace for your entire family. Praying for a miracle.

Unknown said...

Praying for your precious, precious family!!!!

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