Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Join Us for Blog Radio Again at 10PM CST Tonight

Forgot to tell you to listen to the radio show tonight again:
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Christy said...

Hi Lorriane,
In praying for Chrissie tonight I was reminded that God does not just want her to survive, he wants her to *thrive*. This has helped me change my prayers for her. I am no longer just praying for Chrissie to survive--I am praying for her to thrive the way that God wants her to. God has great plans for her and wants her to thrive in those plans. He does not just plan to let her physical body slowly putter on. . .he plans for her body to *thrive* and become strong and vibrant and healthy. Thrive is not used often in the bible, but the word "flourish" is used quite often in reference to God's children. Through all of our prayers, God is working to make Chrissie flourish and thrive, in all area, including physically. It is time for her body to thrive and I am claiming it as so!
In Him,

Susan A said...

praying that He will heal Chrissie's blood and gases so that they are back to normal healthy and so that her heart and lungs can be healed and working normal so that she may be on the road to recovery, healing and becoming strong. Also praying for wisdom for doctors that He may show them exactly what to do.

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