Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Treasuring Tuesday Testimony

Our daughter is a miracle. 

Nuff said.

We just got an extensive report from the PICU pediatrician who has been here since Day 1 for Chrissie.  I refer to her as Wonder Woman, but her real name is Dr. Holder.  I've conversed with so many doctors over the last 2 weeks that I have a tough time keeping their real names straight, but I've got my little nicknames for everyone.  (Dr. Holder doesn't wear scrubs like the rest of the staff; she's a young doctor who is always dressed in cute little outfits so no one ever realizes she's actually the doctor in charge of this entire PICU!)  Well, the day that Chrissie "crashed" (when she died for an hour), Dr. Holder was the head pediatrician on duty in the PICU, and she had been here through all of Chrissie's ups and downs.  She had just given us an amazing report on Chrissie that morning just before Chrissie's heart stopped suddenly.  Dr. Holder held things together and God sent all of the right staff to bring Chrissie back (which was probably about 30 people or so!!!).  The next day, Dr. Holder showed up in the PICU wearing a Wonder Woman shirt with scrub pants.  It was the first time I had seen her in anything but a well coordinated skirt and blouse with matching jewelry and shoes.  Dr. Holder explained that her daughter had wanted her to wear the Wonder Woman shirt on that Thursday when Chrissie crashed, but she didn't wear it.  So, after Chrissie was revived and was being kept alive on the ECMO machine, Dr. Holder felt like she should wear her Wonder Woman shirt to work after all she'd been through with Chrissie's journey of life in just a few days here at Methodist Chidlren's.  From that point on, I've always referred to Dr. Holder as Wonder Woman.

Anyway, Wonder Woman is the PICU pediatrician today, and I was blessed to have a good, long conversation with her.  She gave me the "straight up" on Chrissie.  (Dr. Porisch...I still miss you soooooo much!)  It was perfect timing because my hubby, Matt, had stopped by to see Chrissie on his lunch break.  (He's back at work part-time this week, and he drove an hour one way to see his baby girl.)  We grilled Wonder Woman with lots of questions, which she answered as best as she could, and we are lifting our hands to the Lord in awe of His amazing wonders.  Grateful for such an amazingly positive report on our princess!!!

Wonder Woman believes that Chrissie will be completely off the ventilator within a week!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!  Be praying for that miracle to happen within a week!  Unbelievable news.

Wonder Woman also arranged for the physical therapist (PT) and occupational therapist (OT) to come in our room to evaluate Chrissie so they can begin rehab with Chrissie!  This was such a good sign because that means they're planning more long-term recovery and support for Chrissie.  That means that things are steadily heading in the right direction, where we can begin to feel secure that Chrissie is going to make it through all of this!!!  The plan is that PT and OT will come in a few days/week until Chrissie is off the ventilator, and then they'll work with her daily after she's extubated.

Such a miracle.

To think that our baby girl has died twice and lived through what seems like every possible ordeal that could ever happen to a child in PICU completely leaves me in total awe of our mighty God who is alive and active to this day.  Miracles are not something that occurred only during "Bible times".  Chrissie is a testimony of His miracles that occur right here, right now, and are worthy of our praise and recognition.  There is no medical/scientific explanation of how Chrissie has survived two deaths and the myriad of other crises over the past two weeks.  It's ALL God.  May God receive ALL of the glory.  He is mighty to save, our Jehovah Rapha, who loves His princess dearly and has so very graciously chosen to share His princess with our family.  We stand in total awe of His miracles and His healing hand and His graciousness and good gifts, and we don't even have words to describe our gratitude for how God chose to bestow on our family one if the greatest blessings that we could possibly ever be given:  the miraculous life of Christyn Joy Patterson.

Chrissie still has a long way to go before she can get home, but I'm shouting praises to our Savior that I'm able to write these words:  SHE'S COMING HOME!!!  To our Forgotten Saw Ranch home!  Hallelujah!!!  With God, all things truly are possible, even when the world and medical community shouts IMPOSSIBLE.  Our God is mighty to save.

All of the medical community at Methodist Children's is EAGERLY awaiting an MRI of Chrissie's brain.  There are so many people here who have worked to save Chrissie's life, and they've witnessed first-hand the crashes and obstacles Chrissie has survived.  I am not kidding when I saw that staff are just pacing the floor, waiting for the moment when they can view Chrissie's brain MRI.  Up until this time, Chrissie wasn't stable enough to go for an MRI, even though all of the doctors and specialists are "faunching at the bit".  Wonder Woman has been able to keep them all in check since Chrissie wasn't stable enough to leave the PICU, even for a minute, but today Wonder Woman informed us that she's ordered the brain MRI for tomorrow (Wow Wednesday).  It's going to be Wow Wednesday because Chrissie is going to show them the Wow Factor of her God with the results of her brain MRI.  Everyone is expecting to see a horrid MRI because of all Chrissie has endured medically over the past 2 weeks, including an hour long "death" episode.  I'm believing God is going to WOW them all with the results of this MRI, so please join us in that prayer.

It's kind of funny because Matt and I don't even want Chrissie to have the MRI (other than the fact that it's a way for God to show off more of His miracles), but the medical staff is counting down the seconds until they can view the MRI!  I was telling Wonder Woman today that I feel like it's a similar situation to when I was pregnant and they wanted to run tests for Down Syndrome and a variety of birth defect tests in utero.  I always declined those tests because it would never affect my love for my child nor would I choose anything but life for my child, no matter what they might have discovered.  That's how I feel about the MRI.  We are praising the Lord that Chrissie is ALIVE, so any neurogical damage seems so trivial at this point.  We will not love Chrissie any less or any differently if she has neurological issues.  God will give us the strength and ability to meet Chrisse right where she's at, no matter her physical or mental condition.  She is our Serbian Sensation who we love dearly and adore with all our hearts.  Our love for her is not dependent upon her ability, her looks, or even her personality.  Our love for her is unconditional.  Forever and always, no matter what.

Thank you God for your unconditional love for us.  We are so messed up physically, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually, yet your love for us never waivers.  Forever and always, no matter what.

Treasure these things up and ponder them in our hearts.  Unconditional love.  What a treasure!


Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

I'm with you. I'm expecting totally that MRI to show God's great and mighty works! My Dh found me crying the other day as I was reading back over the posts I'd missed while we were in Russia (doing mission work at an orphanage and special needs school). When I told him what all had gone on with you praying that verse from Ezekiel over Chrissie . . . even his eyes got all shiny!
Praise God for His power!

Hope Anne (from Reece's Rainbow)

Unknown said...



Love it and our prayers remain with you!


Tray said...

What a miracle. Period.
God's healing hand is not a dead gift. It did not go the way of the dinosaur with the last Apostle. What we see in third world countries when people are dependent on God alone for healing....we saw in Chrissie when it was ONLY GOD who could save her.
God used those men and women in the OR to display his majesty and dominion and healing hand....and now He gets all the glory.
Thank you allowing us into the most personal and trying time of your life and I must say I am so proud of you.
Love in Christ

Nadia said...

I Have a question..it may have been answered but I missed it so forgive me if it's already been posted!! When they did the original surgery were they able to do/fix what they needed/wanted to?

texaslauren77 said...

I truly believe that God has his hand on Chrissie. And, I also believe he's got big plans for her. Her being here is proof of that! I really believe in my heart that tomorrow's MRI is going to show just one more way He has worked a miracle with Chrissie, and that she is going to have a complete recovery...I can just feel it!! I will continue to keep Chrissie, you, and your family in my prayers!

Kathleen said...

Just a note to remind you to take care of yourself. Being with a child in the hospital is exhausting. I speak from the experience of many hospitalizations with my daughter. During the longest hospitalization, she was in PICU for only 10 days and came home after just over 2 weeks and you have had a much longer journey than that, so please remember to take care of yourself. Chrissie needs her momma! My daughter also had a stroke (at age 11) and has recovered beautifully and Chrissie is much younger and so even more resilient. I'm not wishing for neurological damage, I just want to give you hope no matter what they find on the MRI.

Stacy said...

Come on baby girl! You have an angel laying beside you and God overseeing everyting- I can not wait to hear your story!

Kritter Krit said...

(Our computer has been having some problems this afternoon, so if this message posted a bazillion times, please excuse me...)

Lorraine, I have to tell you, your daughter is amazing, but goodness gracious, YOU are amazing, too. Your attitude, your strength, your grace, your testimony, your faith, your positive attitude, your unconditional love. You are leading people (in droves, I believe!) to our Savior just through your example. I've thought that from the first post I ever read from you, and I decided it was high-time to tell you how amazing I think you are!

Wow 'em with that MRI tomorrow, Chrissie! You can do it, sweet girl!

Josette said...

I've managed to not cry in a few posts since Chrissie has been so much better, but you got me today. To God be the glory, truly miraculous things He has done.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

OH....just praising God! How wonderful are HIS miracles? How marvelous are HIS works? How glorious are HIS creations? Too much for our brains to comprehend....but God knows and comprehends! He shows us and loves us & HEALS us. THANK YOU Jesus! We are continuing prayers & are so thankful that God is choosing to show HIMSELF through miracles for Chrissie!!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that my classmates, teachers, and I have been praying for Chrissies complete healing. I can identify with living through the hospital-and I wanted to tell you that Chrissie can and will make it.- -Your faith is awesome and God will reward that by healing Chrissie.

Just hang in there- -God will see you through with His Mighty Power!

Abby Linam =)

Family Rebuilding the Wall said...

Absolutely beautiful testimony! I will continue to check your blog and pray daily. I'm looking forward to seeing Chrissie at home on your ranch! :)

Anonymous said...

Lorraine - I've told you a little about our 4 yr. old Jeremiah, but probably didn't mention that the mass in his brain was the size of a potato!!! He was just 7 mo. old, and basically half his brain was GONE. It's just amazing how a child's brain adapts. If one part is damaged or non-existent, then it compensates and uses another part. Simply amazing the way God has made us. And now, 4 years later, you'd never guess he's had that much trauma to his brain. He's absolutely normal - and I dare say...... above average! :> All that to say, even if the MRI results aren't (what they consider) "normal," that doesn't mean that healing is out of the question.

Prayers keep coming, Sister! Keep the faith!

Karen Stone

Micah H. said...

Wanted to share...
"With God, all things truly are possible, even when the world and medical community shouts IMPOSSIBLE...". Those are the words that reminded me of the AMAZING truth in Chrissie's song, "What Faith Can Do":
Overcome the odds
When you don't have a chance

(That’s what faith can do)
When the world says you can’t
It’ll tell you that you can!!

You CAN overcome this Chrissie, beautiful warrior Princess Chrissie! With the all-powerful healing of God!!!

My prayers go with you!

Ellen said...

Oh, indeed we are so mentally, physically, emotionally, etc inept! Thank you God for loving such imperfect creatures - unconditionally. Thank you Lorraine for reminding us!

Kristy said...

I can't wait to see HIS glory in the results!!! Praying for getting off the ventilator!!

Mitzi said...

Praying for sweet Chrissie!!! WOW them tomorrow with your MRI! Thank you so much, Lorraine for your updates.

amyl4 said...

Praise be to God! I have never witnessed what the power of prayer can do until your Chrissie! Blessed be the name of the LORD! She's a MIRACLE!

Lori said...

Praise God!!! I know that He will continue to keep His Healing Hand upon Chrissie and I am absolutely THRILLED that they aim to have her off that ventilator within a week! We KNOW Chrissie is gonna FIGHT for that to happen and we also know that God WILL continue to work His miracles for His precious princess. Keep up the EXCELLENT fight, sweet Chrissie! You're going to be going HOME with your Mommy and Daddy and brothers and sisters and just the THOUGHT of that after all you've been through literally gives me goosebumps! I am SOOOOOO grateful to God for this sweet little angel I've never even met and ALL the wonderful Pattersons as well as the great team of medical specialists and professionals that God has assembled when Chrissie and others need them! Lori

Sabrina said...

Praying for Chrissie (as always :D) and for Wow Wednesday. I hope the MRI goes well. God will wow everyone! :) Your family and Chrissie are such an inspiriration. Chrissie shows everyone that God is here, working miracles. It is awesome that you say that Chrissie is coming to her home on earth, whereas before you didn't know if God would take her to her home in heaven or let her stay here for longer. God is still working miracles. Chrissie (and God) are amazing. Thank you for telling your story everyday on this blog.

Rachel said...


God is good! I am so thrilled to read this! Just so excited to see this update and know that God is chuckling at our delight!

Carrie said...

Such good news and such uplifting words. My family and I have been so blessed to pray for Chrissie and in a small way experience her miraculous recovery. We will continue to pray for her complete recovery and praise God for His blessings. Thank you for allowing us to travel with you through this amazing journey.

Anonymous said...

Praying that Chrissie will wow everyone yet again with another miracle from God! God is truly doing an amazing work in your precious daughter. It has been such a privilege to join with others in praying for your family.

Wendi Taylor said...

Here's another way to look at the MRI - it isn't about whether it will change your love for her or not, but it's about figuring out what kind of help/therapy/treatment she may need in her recovery. I'm praying for more miraculous results for your princess!

Jen said...


You don't know me -- I just read your blog and follow Chrissie's recovery, but I just have to tell you that I am SO envious and blown away by your positive attitude and faith. Can't wait to hear about the MRI results! Take care of yourselves....

TanyaLea said...

AMEN, Lorraine...AMEN!!! Praise God for His unconditional love for us...and thank you for modeling that same love for your daughter. Chrissie is clearly a living, breathing Miracle, and to God be ALL glory!! <><

Singing Praises with you!

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

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