Monday, May 3, 2010


Praise the Lord, Chrissie is still resting peacefully!

I keep forgetting to mention to you all to pray for Chrissie to regain movement to all parts of her body.  When Chrissie's paralytic drug was first removed, about 9 days ago, Chrissie had movement in all of her extremities, both right and left side.  About 3-4 days after her paralytic was removed, Chrissie stopped having movement on both sides of her body; she just had right hand/arm and right foot movement.  Now Chrissie only has right hand/arm movement.  (She's always had movement of both sides of her face...eyebrows and lips.)  Chrissie had a couple of purple/black blood clot spots that appeared on her left big toe at about the same time that she lost movement on her right side, which could be a sign that Chrissie might have possibly had a stroke.  She's not stable enough yet to get an MRI of her brain, so they won't know for sure until they can scan her brain, but that's what they're thinking right now.  So, we just need to pray that God will restore movement to all parts of her body in His perfect timing.  She's not having to be restrained right now since she doesn't have enough movement to pull any tubes/IV's out, so that's kind of a good thing for now. :-)

The princess' big toe after her pedicure today!  That's a tiara sticker, to remind everyone that yes, she is a princess, she's the daughter of the King of Kings!  (The blue/black stuff on the toe is where her blood clot was.)

I fixed Chrissie's hair around 2AM last night while she slept peacefully.  I was able to get some more of the blood and tangles out. :-)

Here are the kids at Seaworld, Saturday, May 1.

More pics to come later.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see your other children, especially your youngest, I hadn't seen any pictures of him (is his adoption story blogged somewhere? I loved reading your other two adoption journeys). Beautiful family! Hope Chrissie can join them soon!

Gaining Grace said...

I hope to encourage you when I tell you that my son had a stroke when he was 3. Because of his age, and God's healing powers, he recovered from that stroke beautifully and never had any residuals.
Love the picture of Chrissy's toes. I can certainly see that her edema has gone down significantly which is a sign that her heart is working more efficiently. Praise God. He is always good!
Will continue to pray for her and your beautiful family.
Most sincerely.

Ohilda said...


Matushka Anna said...

Will continue to pray, concentrating on the ventilator.

Love her pigtails. (c;

gena said...

My son had a stroke when he crashed - it's pretty common. The good news is at such a young age, they can come back from it all !

My son crashed at 15, it was a bit harder for him. He is 2 years 4 months post transplant and nearly 4 years post stroke. The transplant set back his rehab quite a bit, but he's ALMOST walking independently again !

I'll keep praying for Chrissie here in jersey - you tell her to keep "bossing" that adorable little body of hers around !!!

gena in nj

Anonymous said...

When Brea was in the hospital waiting for her heart she was on so many pain meds for so long that she to built up a huge tolerence to them. One drug called Ketamine (sp?) did the trick for her when nothing else would and it is still the drug of choice when she has to be put to sleep for her heart biopsies. Maybe you could ask about this drug for Chrissie. Some of the nurses referred to it as "Special K" so between my mispelling and the nurses nick name for it maybe they'll figure out what I'm talking about. We are continuing to pray for sweet Chrissie.

Mary Wusterbarth

PS: Love the nails!

Debi said...

I am still here and praying and believing, just havn't been able to comment all day until now.
Praying for a restoration of all funtions of Chrissie's body- her heart and lungs and every nerve and muscle and the blood flow and healing from any stroke. I pray that God's joy and healing presence, protection and the power of the Holy Spirit would fill Chrissie right now.
Praying strength and endurance and hope and peace and joy for your family. Praying for the medical team (including Dr. P. and Dr. K.) wisdom and strength and faith to move mountains.
We have an amazing God who is working a miracle right before our eyes!
Love and hugs and prayers,

Debi said...

P.S. Loved the photo at Sea World! So good to see the kids being kids and having fun!
Love and hugs and prayers,

The Jakes said...

We will be praying tomorrow as Chrissie power-weans to the new vent. We're also praying against any neurological damage/stroke, etc.

Thank you for keeping us updated!

- Julie

kate said...

You are such a precious mama to that sweet girl! I love that you do so many special things for her! Bless you!

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