Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Prayer for "E", Update on Chrissie

Keep praying for "E"...

Chrissie is hanging in there.  She's having a harder time keeping her oxygen sats up today.  They are trying to wean her from the vent (as always), so they've got some settings turned down to see how Chrissie responds.  Her oxygen sats have been mostly in the 90's, but today they've been mostly in the 80's.  There are times they've given her 100% oxygen to get her sats back up, but they've not gotten above 92, and only at that for a very brief time.

They're giving her a new type of lung treatment using Albuterol administered through a machine that is similar to the oscillator.  It blows quick puffs of air/oxygen into Chrissie's lungs while administering the Albuterol through a nebulizer type of treatment.  So far it hasn't really made a difference, and she's still on regular Albuterol treatments as needed, but those aren't making a difference either.  They're going to do another chest x-ray in a few minutes to see if anything looks worse in Chrissie's lungs.

The lung mucous culture ended up being negative for everything, but we're not sure if that's good or bad.  There was definitely infection because of the high number of white blood cells, but the final culture growth was negative for everything.  This means that they're not able to tailor the antibiotics to the infection, so they made the decision to remove the IV antibiotics completely so that her body isn't on high-power antibiotics so long that it would cause all kinds of problems with antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the future.

They're supposed to remove her other chest sutures (stitches) today, so be in prayer that it doesn't cause Chrissie a lot of pain.  The areas where the stitches are still intact is on spots of the incision where the scabs are very thick.  They're also discussing removing the one chest tube she has left, and replacing it with a different chest tube that is not as long as the current one (meaning it won't be so far up inside of Chrissie's chest cavity).

To God be all the glory.  He is mighty to save.  Keep praying...


Sarah Dalton in Waco said...

I know that I don't leave comments often, but know that my family and I are continually praying for sweet Chrissie and now Ethan. Praying this new medication will work wonders in her lungs and she will be breathing on her own very soon!

Debi said...

Praying for Ethan and Chrissie.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Matushka Anna said...

Still praying. I know I haven't commented lately but I've still been praying - for Ethan too.

(((I sent you a hug during liturgy.)))

Anonymous said...

Praying for Chrissie, can't wait to see her in those pink and brown cowgirl boots again. I showed my husband her pics at the rodeo, they were so darling. I'm a country girl myself, She is a special lil girl. Lots of thoughts,love and prayers from Kentucky.

Michelle said...

i've always assumed that Chrissie's breathing difficulties were due to the trauma of the surgeries, her damaged parts of her body that make up the respiratory system, etc., and that maybe the meds also contributed.

but now, while reading this last post, i am wondering:

is it possible that the reason Chrissie's sats keep dropping with less oxygen is due to the fluid/mucous in her lungs? that would DEFINITELY make it more difficult to get a good supply of oxygen into her blood.

if you get the chance to answer this, great... if not, i understand. ;-)

praying for all of you!

- michelle

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