Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Morning Update

Chrissie had a good night last night without any big crises, praise the Lord!  This morning, she had 15 stitches removed from her sternum (they had to leave 5 in where areas still need to be tacked), and she had another 10 stitches removed from her neck where the ECMO cannulas were inserted into the jugular vein and carotid artery. 

I have not yet seen Dr. Porisch or Dr. Kupferschmid (I think they're in a case this morning), so I don't have any more reports at this time.  Some of you have asked about Chrissie having a tracheotomy instead of being intubated, but it's my understanding that trachs are only done on patients who need long-term ventilator support, and they're not thinking Chrissie will need this long-term.  I plan to ask about it again today to make sure that I'm understanding correctly.

I have not heard anything about "E" yet this morning.  Please keep praying for him and his mom.

I was just informed that Dr. Kupferschmid's patient who is being operated on right now is having complications, and the patient may need to be on ECMO, which means that they need the room that Chrissie is in.  This is the largest PICU room, and ECMO requires a ton of space because ECMO patients are on so much equipment and have so many people in the room continuously for monitoring everything.  This means that Chrissie may be moving to another room, which is a somewhat good sign because it means she's a little more stable, atleast to the point of not needing the space for ECMO equipment! :-)

I was just told that we're for sure changing rooms, so I need to go "undecorate" this room (big job!) and get stuff moved.  Gotta run.

Keep praying!

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Jodi said...

Praying for Ethan and his family...

Praying for sweet Chrissie and her family...

She is always on my mind, I SO want her to get better and go home to your ranch, and live a long happy life!

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