Monday, May 10, 2010

Keep Praying for "E"

Edit:  "E" is still alive!!!  To God be all the glory!!!  Thank you for praying!  Please keep it up!


amyl4 said...

Praying hard for Prince Ethan! What a charmer he is, love his smile! I'm so glad that you are there with Ethan's Mom praying for her precious little guy! Please God, give us another miracle for Ethan!

Amy said...

So thankful that Ethan is alive!! I was reading about him and looked over at my 8-year-old daughter and it hit me so hard. I just couldn't imagine my sunshine being taken away from me. I'm so glad that Crissy is hanging in there! What a miracle she is! We have two miracles ourselves, boys born at 27 weeks and 31 weeks. So thankful for all of these miracles and the power of prayer!!

The Jakes said...

Just checked out Ethan's info and oh, it is so hard to imagine this child suffering! I will add him to our prayers.

- Julie

wright2bmom said...

Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! I have been ferverently praying for Ethan and his mom. I clicked on the link and couldn't help by read the other profiles as well. How is he enduring this? I just pictured him as a regular kid, he sounds like Sawyer! Glad to hear he is still alive, still praying!
Mattie Patterson

Chandra said...

Thank you for the update and the's always so nice to picture the one I'm praying for. God bless him! What a praise there are signs of hope!

Sandy said...

Since your first post on Ethan, I have been praying for this young boy. Prayed that the Lord will have him bring Glory to Him by telling people about the Miracles God has done in his young life.
God is Faithful...
Will continue to lift him up before our Most High Holy God.
Lovingly in NC,
PS Also continuing to pray for Chrissie and your whole family..

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