Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Video of Chrissie on TV

Here is the footage that aired about Chrissie on KENS 5 in San Antonio tonight.  It shows video footage of Chrissie's contagious laugh.  This is really hard for us to watch, but I pray it will bring even more awareness to orphans.  If you'd like to donate in Chrissie's memory to help save an orphan, please go to or you may support "Abby's Wish" at

*Would like to clarify that Chrissie did not have a pulmonary artery or pulmonary valves, which meant she had no blood flow from her heart to her lungs.  She had one large hole between the lower two chambers of her heart and many multi-collateral arteries.  Chrissie's condition is considered the most severe of heart conditions; the hardest to repair, but when infants are born in the US with this condition, they receive heart surgery to repair the condition and have a much higher percentage of surviving and thriving.  Chrissie didn't have access to the same health care that we as Americans have since she was born in Serbia, but God kept Chrissie alive until she could be united with her forever family.  We adopted Chrissie in Serbia in October, 2009, where we celebrated Chrissie's 4th b-day with her.  Chrissie lived to be 4 years, 7 months, and 11 days old.  Chrissie spent 6 months with our family living on our ranch in Wimberley and 1 month living in the PICU of Methodist Children's Hospital in San Antoino.  By the grace of God, Chrissie lived the best 6 months of her life with our family on our ranch, and she gave us the best 6 months of our lives as well.  (The 7th month was spent at the hospital where she had open-heart surgery and remained intubated and unable to speak for 31 days until God called her Home.)  Every moment we spent with Chrissie will be forever cherished.  She is a precious jewel we will always treasure.

You can also click HERE to view it and see a few photos online at the KENS TV5 website.

If you are new to our blog, I encourage you to read more of Chrissie's story by scrolling down to the "Blog Archives" in the right sidebar.  The archives are arranged chronologically, sorted by month; Chrissie's open-heart surgery struggles began April 19, 2010.


Rachel B said...

I have been away and only saw the news about Chrissie a few days ago. I am so sorry to hear that she lost her fight for life here on earth, but am happy to know that she is dancing with Jesus.

There really are no words to take away your pain, but I hope that it helps in some way to know that Chrissie has touched so many people's lives. Your strength and faith, too, is also touching so many lives, including mine!

I will continue to pray for the easing of the pain in your hearts and for the "Chrissie gap" in your lives to be surrounded by love, happy memories and healing.


BlessedbyHim said...

LOVE how they titled it "A Bigger Purpose" on the screen behind the anchorwoman - Chrissie was certainly sent here for a bigger purpose - I look forward to seeing how God continues to use her precious story!

Renae said...

Absolutely precious...and hear come the tears again!! This sounds so "hokey", but I've been so inspired by your story to adopt from Reece's are the fourth family God has brought into my life who has/is adopting from there...we are praying and searching RR every day...thank you for making us look again at the least of the LEAST in the world's eyes, with new eyes!! Keep telling the story!! God's doin' great things:)! Would appreciate your prayers that we have the courage to step out when God shows us our child!

adoptedthree said...

I got to meet you by the joyous celebration of your life and then dance to Jesus!
Your smile and laugh is contagious!

Dance and laugh with Jesus sweet baby!

Anonymous said...

That is a contagious laugh! Thanks again for sharing! She looks so much like her forever mommy!
May God continue to bless you forever! Kerry

Jessica Kramasz said...

Her laugh brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Katie said...

Thank you for posting that video! Seeing and hearing her laugh is unforgetable and will be forever be etched in my memory. So wonderful that her story was broadcast on the news like that... now she has reached even more people to inspire with God's love and the need of the orphans!! God bless you and your family! Looking forward to continue following your family's story!

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks watching this as it is so close to my story and journey with foster son who was to be my adopted son. I am taking strength in the fact that our children are in heaven free from all the health worries that earth held for them and we will all be reunited again.

Sara xxx

Lori said...

Ohhh that LAUGH of hers is soooo MAGICAL AND MUSICAL!! It makes me smile and cry at the same time so I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you all to watch! Lorraine and family, you are being lifted up continuously just as your sweet princess Chrissie was. I know you all must miss her terribly but take comfort in knowing that infectious giggle is ringing throughout Heaven as she waits for you all to join her one day. Hugs and prayers, Lori

sierrasmom said...

Thank you for sharing this during your difficult time. I think and pray for you every day, Your faith and grace continue to be an inspiration for all who are following this story!!
Kathie in NY

Anonymous said...

Hi, I missed the first ten minutes of precious Chrissie's funeral. Is there any chance that you'll show it again?

Debi said...

Just watched the video- simply precious. Thankful for Chrissie's life and laughter and the hope of heaven.
Praying as always for your family.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that video...I am one of those people whom Chrissie's life touched. She helped bring me closer to God.

I am also an adoptive parent and know the absolute love and joy a child, who did not grow under your heart, but in it, can bring to your life.

My little son and I pray for you and your angel Chrissie every night. We pray for several chidren every night, and I get chills when I hear his little voice say "Chrissie" each night.

God bless you and your family, and your angel Chrissie.


Sarah said...

Such a precious girl. I am praying for your family.


Vivian said...

Dear Lorraine,

Thank you for sharing your sweet Chrissie with all of us out here in cyberland. We are praying for you all. We are leaving on Tuesday to adopt our own sweet little one in China. She is also a heart baby, but, her's is already corrected.
Our hearts grieve for your loss, but, know that Chrissie got her biggest wish, a family!
She is blessed!


Stephanie said...

I am amazed at Chrissie and her story. Amazed at how God works in all our lives, even using the youngest to send a message of hope. A message that there are so many more children like Chrissie that are waiting to be loved like your family loved her. And I am so thankful that I found your blog shortly after Chrissie had surgery.

Pam said...

I can't get over that infectious laugh. I've had to listen to it ten times and each times it makes me smile :)

I've been having a very hard time the past five years with my own health, and watching that video of Chrissie makes me want to get well all that much more so I can laugh like she did. That's when I will know I got my life back...when I can belly laugh like that.

Imagine that. A 4 year old teaching a 43 year old how to laugh.

Hope your family is doing well. I know y'all miss Chrissie to pieces.

Kevin and Michele said...

Thank you for sharing this. Having only just learned of Chrissie when she was in the hospital, it was nice to see her personality and happiness. Peace to you all.

JennyH said...

I love her laugh!! What a precious 6 months your family and her had.

TanyaLea said...

First, I just want to say how deeply sorry I am for your family's loss. Crissie was truly a treasure, and I pray that God helps fill that hole surely left in your heart, with his comforting grace. I have not words to express how sorry I was to hear of this news. I only heard just now, as we were in China and just returned home this past weekend. I cried when I heard the sad news, and my heart is still aching for all of you. Hang in there and know that Chrissie will be remembered all across the U.S. and that we will continue to lift your family up in prayer. I cannot begin to fathom the heartache you must feel.

Blessings and Hugs from Minnesota,
~Tanya Thom

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