Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Here's what my 12-year-old daughter, Mattie, emailed to me tonight at 11:32PM, in an email with the subject line entitled "Lonely":
"It just occured to me as I was praying how lonely you must be. We all have eachother here and are always saying how much we miss you. But you're there with no one and missing us the same way we miss you but times 5! I wish so bad that someone could be with you. Just know that not having anyone there will force you to rely on God as your only friend, which will draw you two closer, a win win situation! I love you so much and please email me if you feel bored or lonely. I sound like a mom! Love you SOOOOOOO much!!!! :D"

The Lord knows how to bless my heart.  Seriously.  When I saw the subject line of my daughter's email, which was entitled "Lonely", I was a little worried about reading it because I wasn't sure I would be able to do anything to help Mattie feel less lonely while I'm at the hospital and she's at home.  Huh.  Who'da thought that my daughter would be writing to tell me that she's concerned that I'M the lonely one.  Only my God could bless me with children who are more concerned about ME than they are about themselves.  He's good like that, ya know?

Oh.my.word.  I am beyon blessed to be the mother of the children God has chosen specifically for ME.  He sure did know how to bless my heart.  He's good like that, ya know? 

And, just incase you're wondering, I'm not lonely.  Mattie is exactly right.  I have God right here holding my hand.  Always.  During the highs and during the lows.  He's right here beside me.  He will never leave me nor forsake me.  He's good like that, ya know?

And, not only is God here with me, but I feel like all of you are here with me, too.  God has surrounded me with hundreds of new friends who are faithfully praying for Chrissie, me, our family, Stephanie and her girls, our ranch, the medical staff...you name it, my friends are on it!  And all of you "talk" to me every day with your sweet words of encouragement and share your thoughts and prayers with me.  Such a sweet fellowship with my siblings in Christ.  Still amazed at how many prayer warriors God has called to battle on behalf of our precious princess.  He's good like that, ya know?

And God even sends someone by every day to deliver meals to me!  Sometimes people I've never even met before who just show up to drop things off to bless me.  Always orchestrated by God.  He's good like that, ya know?

So, just thought I'd take a minute to let you all know that I'm not lonely.  I've got my God, my precious princess, the nurses and doctors, and sweet friends who pray for me, send me messages, and some who God even sends by here to drop in and send a face-to-face blessing.  He's good like that, ya know?


Melissa G said...

You're right... we ARE still here...checking on our sister and new friend. Love and prayers always coming your way!!

Jerry and Christy said...

I am so blessed by Mattie's sweet heart. I am even more blessed by God's goodness to take care of you.
I have been praying for Chrissy and all of you since the Riggs posted to pray for Chrissy's surgery on the 19th. I continued to pray for her on the 20th as my husband was in the hospital having surgery and I had a lot of time to spend praying. I am still praying daily. I also have my husband praying. He even had our Home church group all praying for Chrissy on Sunday.One of my fellow sisters in the Lord asked for your blog site. I'm sure she is praying, too. God has an army of prayer warriors praying for your sweet girl. This is such an amazing testamony to God's faithfulness.

Looking Up said...

You're definitely not alone. We're here for you!! I don't know you except through this blog, but every morning I call my mom & she asks me, "How are Chrissie & her mom doing???" :) Continuing to pray for you here in Ohio....

Laurel said...

Such a sweet note from your daughter.

I, too, got an email from a daughter today. My 13 year old wrote to tell me how much she loves me and misses me. Because our house hasn't sold, and my husband took a job in another area, my husband is living with my 2 teenagers, while I am living in our old house with my 4 younger kids. So. So. Hard ... to be apart.

Yes ... we are BLESSED by each of the precious children that the Lord has brought into our families.

Laurel :)

Julia said...

Our family checks and prays for you throughout the day... all the way from Virginia. My 75 year old Dad is away but he has fallen in love with Chrissie so he keeps calling to get an update. You are continuing to be covered, showered and rained upon by prayers from our corner of the world!!

Kelly Stokes said...

Your story and sweet family just blesses me over and over again! God has given Chrissie, as well as her family, the very important job of testifying to the GLORY of GOD and what HE is capable of! He has shown his mercy in healing, and now he is showing his mercy in companionship, kindness, empathy, and patience. Keep looking to Him and He will continue to bless. -Kelly Stokes

Amy said...

Oh how I love that sweet daughter of yours. Her heart constantly amazes me. Thinking of you all more than you could ever know. Love you guys!

Sarah said...

I love how God works to connect so many of us in prayer. I am continuing to pray for Chrissie and your family, the doctors, nurses and medical staff, and everyone so touched by Chrissie's story.
Love, Sarah
your sister in Christ

Anonymous said...

Your family continues to amaze me.

Shannon said...

I am praying!!!!! I am so sorry that I haven't commented for a few days, I have been checking in just with Georgia pulling at my leg!!!! Praying for your princess all the time!!!!

Kandi Ann said...

Thanks for sharing. My tear ducts needed to be "cleared out" any ways! xoxo, Kandi Ann

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