Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quick Morning Update

Chrissie is doing well today, resting peacefully with her new combination of drugs.  She is still on the convential ("normal") ventilator settings, praise the Lord.  Her oxygen sats dropped into the 70's around 9AM, but they suctioned her out and rolled her over to her side, and her sats went back up.  Carbon dioxide is in the 50's just slightly higher than normal, but it was in the 80's last night, so it's much improved.

Be praying that Chrissie's lungs will heal enough to get her completely off the ventilator.  I know she would LOVE to be extubated.  God is healing Chrissie, miraculously, day by day.  So grateful for so many steps forward.  Praising Jehovah Rapha for His healing presence, which is so strong in this room and upon Chrissie's body. 

Keep praying for lungs to be perfectly healed and for no infection.


Kat said...

Praying and still fully expect to see Chrissie dancing out of there! God is amazing and His glory shines through Chrissie. Those that don't believe in miracles need just to look at this little blessing from God.

Matushka Anna said...

Beautiful news!

reamesdm said...

Thank you for updating through out the day and night. I look forward to each post~ to see the Glory of the Lord and to pray for what is needed!

Praying for Chrissie's lungs!! Praying for the Staph to be completely removed!! Praying for comfort and peace!! Praying for no other infections!! Praying for Chrissie's body to be completely healed, in Jesus' name!!

Be sure to rest when you're able. I know it makes the difference!


Anonymous said...

Praying and fasting today!

Zack, Jenn and William said...

Praising God for continuing to heal Chrissie. I'm reminded of the song we used to sing as little kids in children's church "He's still Workin' on Me". Granted, it was talking about working on our lives, but I think it's quite fitting for Chrissie's physical healing as well.

Praying that her body continues to strengthen, and that she regains movement at the proper time.

Jenn in Georgia

Sweet Joni said...

Forever in my thoughts & prayers... that email from Mattie was PRICELESS!!! Happy things are going OK & continually improving for Chrissie!!!

Yeppirs, I'm sure she'd LUV to have the dern tubing out of her & all the dern tape off her face... uffda, just the feeling of that is enuf to driving me bonkers!!!

Blessings from Jesus Christ Our Lord,

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