Monday, May 10, 2010

"E" Update

Edit:  "E"'s mom asks for your continued prayers.


Shari said...

Lorraine: you never cease to amaze me! Your are going through your own storm and asking for prayer for others! I am praying for Chrissie and Ethan!

Leslie said...

Praying for the needs that were posted for Ethan, for Chrissie and sweet baby from surgery.

Debi said...

Hi Pattersons!
I am finally back so I can post comments. I was able to read the blog updates with no means to comment.
Just wanted to let you know that I continue to pray for sweet Chrissie, her medical team and now the infant and mighty Ethan. Please let his precious mom and family know that they and their amazing Ethan will be covered with our love and prayers.
I will put this sweet boy and the baby on our prayer chain at church tomorrow. I know that God has great things in store for him.
Love and hugs and prayers,

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