Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chrissie is Bleeding Again

The respiratory therapist came in around 7:30PM to give Chrissie her Albuterol breathing treatment (for her lungs) and then he suctioned her and she started bleeding again.  Same as last time.  I had warned this RT about Chrissie's bleeding since he hadn't seen her since her bleeding episodes, and then I got called out of the room because some sweet visitors had stopped by to bless me with some gifts.  I walked back in to Chrissie bleeding and being suctioned. 

She's now paralyzed again (on Vec).  Dr. Kofos is the doctor on call again tonight, so he's been here and done this...just a few days ago, in fact.  Chrissie's sats are all fine now, resting peacefully while paralyzed.

I'm going to see if I can bother Dr. Porisch to try to understand better what's happening with this.

Keep praying...


Donna said...

Praying from afar!!

amyl4 said...

So sorry! Bless her little heart! Praying for healing and the bleeding to stop. God Bless you too, this must be so hard for you. We will all be rejoicing with you when Chrissie is healed and gets to come home with you and your family.

Kat said...

Praying, praying, and more praying...havn't stopped.

Anonymous said...

i am praying for your little angel, i know He will take care of her

Laurel said...

Oh so sorry! Still praying for your sweet girl, and your whole family.

God is doing a mighty work ... in you and through you!


Laurel :)

Phyllis said...

So sorry to hear she's had more bleeding. Praying so much for Chrissie.

Lisa said...

Praying in God's name for Chrissie. Praying for healing and repair of the bleeding in her lungs. Sweet girl you are a true fighter in the biggest sense of the word, you have endured so much and came thru so much you have a true fighting spirit!!! I love the image I have you raising your arms like you are praising Jesus and I know you were and God was smiling big, I also know you wanted to play with that pretty balloon so it time to boss those lungs into getting better so you can play with your balloon's "sugar"...Praying for you honey.

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