Monday, September 26, 2011

You Won't Believe This!

(If you don't see the video above, please click HERE to view it.)

Our little miracle girl, you know, the one who would be "just a vegetable" and "never in the top of her class", has mastered the milestone of pulling up and standing independently.

It's been said that the original Greek translation of the word "Selah" means "so every eye can see and every ear can hear".  It's also been said that "Selah" in the Psalms means to pause and reflect.

God gave us Selah's name.  Shortly after God delivered us this special needs baby who was born with only a sliver of a brain, who wasn't expected to live, He told us to name her Selah Karis.
 (Karis is the Greek form of the word "grace", originally spelled "charis".)

The doctors and specialists thought they knew Selah's future, but perhaps they need to know the One who holds each of our future in His hands.

Selah:  "So every eye can see, and every ear can hear"; "to pause and reflect"
(ahem, doctors and the above video...allow God to open your eyes and ears, pause and reflect upon the One who formed this child)

Karis:  "Grace"
(and, God, help me to respond with grace to those who thought they could predict Selah's future)

“Unless you people see signs and wonders,” Jesus told him, “you will never believe.”
John 4:48

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