Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Noon Update

Selah's gastro problems are worse. She may have a stool impaction. She vomited 3 times this morning, slept very little last night (as well as today), and hasn't had a BM since yesterday's compacted ball of hard poop.

Dr. George added Reglan to the list of meds today. She's now getting Colase, Miralax, and Reglan to help with constipation, plus a Dulcolax suppository.

She didn't even poop a tiny bit after her Dulcolax this morning. Any suggestions/advice?

Selah's still not interested in eating/drinking anything by mouth, but I think she's nauseated, her stomach is overly full (due to the sheer volume of her NG feeds), she's got a ton of stool to pass, and she's just plain not hungry and not feeling well. :-(

I'm going to ask if they'll bring in Selah's gastroenterologist to assess the colon/intestines/gastro stuff. Since it's Labor Day weekend, many doctors aren't here.

On Facebook, I asked for prayers that I'd just be able to get one hour of sleep. Haven't gotten it yet. Would love for both Selah and I to take a long afternoon nap. I don't ever leave her side, and when she's in pain, I'm holding her and trying to help her. She's resting in my arms right now as I type from the chair by her hospital crib.

Please pray for all these things. God is able. Let Him be glorified through this!

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