Monday, September 12, 2011

A God Story I Think You'll Like

We're grateful God used (and still uses) our Chrissie to do many things in the hearts of His people.  One of those things was (is) to open the eyes of people around the world to the plight of the orphan. 

When Selah was in the hospital for her skull reconstruction, I received an email from a mom.  Her story blessed me greatly.  Oh how I wish I had a record of every person who was moved to adopt because of Chrissie.  I'm always so very grateful when someone takes the time to share with me that Chrissie's story encouraged them to adopt.  I cannot think of any better way for God to  carry out Chrissie's legacy and keep her memory alive.  Rescuing orphans.  That's the religion that pleases our Father.  Each time God uses our princess to turn someone's heart toward adoption, to break someone's heart for what breaks His, well, it's just a huge hug to our hurting hearts.  Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your story with me.  The heart hug is just what we were in need of at this time.

Be blessed by reading this little Chrissie-inpsired God tale, written to me (Lorraine) from a new adoptive momma named Jennifer:

You probably don't remember me but I brought you dinner when Chrissie was in the hospital.  You left such an impression on me that afternoon that I immediately went home and read your blog from start to finish (regarding Chrissie).  Then I shared everything with my husband.  You see, though I had seen numerous friends adopt and bring babies home, you were the first person I had ever met that had adopted an older child internationally.  God used you, in the midst of the hardest thing you've ever had to walk through, to open my eyes.  And for that, I will never be able to thank you enough.  My heart continues to hurt when I think of what your heart has gone through, but as many people have told you, her beautiful life and your incredible story gave two orphans, 3000 miles away, a forever family -- us.  For only 3 short months later, we began the adoption proceedings on 2 children, who have now been home 5 amazing months!! 

And here's just a little bit more detail (from another email from this same mom):

Anyways, after I brought you dinner, I was curious to what your story was and what your daughter was going through.  So I came home and read every post until I had caught up.  This may truly sound crazy to you (as it does to me now) but you were the first person that I ever knew that didn't adopt ...

1. a baby,

2. because you couldn't have kids, and

3. older internationally.

At the time I brought you dinner, I was working (and still am) with a non profit that creates education and awareness for children that are trafficked.  I've gone through advocacy training in DC and other trainings with IJM (International Justice Mission).  My heart is too help kids at risk - older kids, that are either at risk for being trafficked or have been rescued out.

So after I read your blog, and clicked on other people's blog's that left comments, my eyes were opened to this HUGE adoption world.  Adoption was not just for the perfect, healthy Chinese baby, but it was for the HIV infected little girl in Ethiopia and the 12 year Ukraine girl that was headed into prostitution and the little boy from Libya who was burned purposefully by a witch doctor and the list goes on and on.

So I continued following your blog, along with a few others, all the while, knowing that God was watering a seed that He planted. 

We had not set out to adopt.  But God literally handpicked us and handpicked Isaiah and Ruth and brought us together.  Isaiah was 9 when we brought him home and he will be 10 in November.  Ruth is now 6.  They are from a tiny island off the coast of Venezuela called St. Vincent. 

I love the story God is writing!  I know I was called to the fight against sex trafficking so God would soften my heart to the plight of older children and I was called to bring you dinner so God would open my eyes to the availability of older orphans.  This story is far from over, but I'm excited to see how the next chapter is going to read. :) 
God sets the lonely in families.  Psalm 68:6

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