Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random Smiles

*While at the dentist's office, Kiefer ran outside and peed on the landscaping.  Country boy through and through.  He thought nothing of it, and he couldn't understand why we wanted to show him where the bathroom was located. :-)

*Ella weighed herself on the digital scale, then she asked me if she was fat or skinny.  I said she was perfect.  Then she told me that I am perfect, too.  She went on to explain that I'm a little bit fat and a little bit skinny.  But more fat than skinny.  Just perfect.  :-)

*I've been trying to teach Selah how to blow kisses.  For the life of her, she cannot understand why in the world I keep kissing my hand.  She's decided that perhaps she should kiss my hand, too, since I seem to enjoy it so much. :-)

*Kiefer is working on making the "f" sound at speech therapy.  They've been practicing words like "fish", "fun", "food", "phone".  During dinner, Kiefer exclaims with much excitement, "FART, FART, FART!!!  I can say FART now instead of "SHART"!"  Kiefer used to say a "sh" sound instead of the "f" sound on "f" words.  Unfortunately, "shart" has another meaning that Kiefer was unfamiliar with.  Fortunately, Kiefer can now say, "fart".  I think that's fortunate.  Couldn't he just say "toot" instead?!? :-)

*Our little kids (Asher, Ella, Kiefer) like to play hospital and funeral.  Quite sad, really, that our kids know/want to play such things, but this is their experience with life in our family.  They give each other IV's and breathing tubes and feeding tubes (usually made out of rope).  When/if they "die", they lie down in the wagon and the others pull them to the funeral.  Sometimes they bury baby dolls in little caskets.  I guess it's a version of play therapy.  What ever happened to tea parties?  :-)

*Kiefer parks his tractor at our front door and chocks the wheels (on a flat surface), making sure it doesn't roll away. :-)

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