Wednesday, September 28, 2011

EASY Dairy-Free Cake! (And Vegan, too!)

Selah is allergic to dairy, and her 1st birthday is this Saturday.  In the past, I've made homemade cakes for our son, Sawyer, who is allergic to dairy and egg, so I thought I would use that same recipe for Selah.  Out of curiosity, I did a google search for dairy-free cake recipes, just to see if something caught my eye as another option for Selah's birthday cake.

Well, lo and behold, I just stumbled upon a "tip" that just made life WAY easier for my two dairy-free kiddos!!!!!  I'm so excited to have this option because it's SO QUICK and SO EASY and SO YUMMY!!!

All you need to do is get a boxed cake mix that is dairy free.  (If you're vegan and/or need to avoid eggs, just read the ingredients for egg-free as well.)  Duncan Hines has a lot of options, and I noticed that there are LOTS of boxed cake mixes that don't have any dairy (or eggs) in the pre-packaged ingredients! 

All of the boxed cake mixes call for eggs and butter in the "directions", BUT here's the fabulous secret:

SODA/POP/SOFT DRINK...whatever you want to call it, it's the beautiful secret to turning a boxed cake mix into a dairy-free/egg-free delight!!!

So, all you have to do is get your boxed cake mix (make sure the pre-packaged ingredients are free from dairy (and egg, if you need to avoid that) and mix in 12 ounces of your soda/carbonated drink of choice (for dark colored cakes, like chocolate, use Coke or Pepsi or Dr. Pepper or Root Beer.  For light colored cakes, like vanilla, use Sprite or 7-Up.  Don't use any diet sodas.).  Then bake according to the package directions!!!

VOILA!  A fantastically easy and delightfully delicious dairy-free/egg-free cake!  WOOHOO!

I'm going to experiment for Selah's cake and try using a white boxed cake mix with Big Red to see if it turns out pink and yummy!

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