Sunday, September 4, 2011

Drink, Selah, Drink!

I sure am wishing we were able to be in worship this morning, but we'll donor best to sing His praises from and in the hospital.

I am so very grateful on this morning that Mattie spent the night with me. Selah had a horrible night full of restlessness. She wouldn't sleep unless we were patting her or rocking her crib or holding her. Since last night was the third consecutive night like that, I truly don't know how I would have made it through the night without Mattie here to physically help me.

We took shifts caring for Selah. I took care of Selah from 1-2:30am, Mattie took her from 2:30-4am, I held her from 4-6:30am, then Mattie and I fed Selah some Puffs baby cereals.

As soon as I crawled into "bed", the PICU peds doctor came in and pulled out Selah's only remaining head/skull drain. Hallelujah!

She said all we need to do before we can go home is to get Selah to drink!! She's eating OK now, but still no interest in drinking. We've tried a variety if sippy and straw cups, big girl cups, a variety of juices, water, and her formula, but Selah has no interest in drinking. She got Pedialyte via her nasal feeding tube all night, so she's hydrated.

We just have this one hurdle until we can get home where Selah will be so much more comfortable.

Since we can lead a horse to water, but not make him drink, we're completely reliant on the One who knit Selah and knows the number of stubbles on her head, which is exactly what He wants us to do all of the time. Rely on Him. Fully. FROG: Fully Rely On God.

Relying on Him, trusting He has a purpose with Selah's oral aversion issues, but still begging Him for healing of this new aversion. Thanks for praying!

PS I accidentally posted a private email to the blog this morning (it was entitled "verses"). I deleted it after I was alerted. Even when we make mistakes, God can use those errors for His glory. I'm guessing God intended for someone else to read Hebrews 10 this morning. :-) Have a blessed Sunday, and I encourage you on this day to thank God for your bed, wherever it may be. I'm really missing my comfy bed, and my heart aches for all those without a bed to rest their weary bodies on. Grateful for the One who promises to give us His rest. All we have to do is snuggle our heads on His pillow. Thank you, Jesus!

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