Friday, September 16, 2011


Today is Meribeth's 14th birthday. We decided to take a girls' road trip to Plano for the Hope for Orphans Institute. We picked up my new friend, Jodi (the mom I met at the Hyatt a few weeks ago), along the way. It was a crazy road trip because Selah was not a happy camper in her car seat. She usually loves it and travels well, but it appears that her head bothers her in the car seat. We had several stops and interruptions along the way, but we're snuggled into our hotel now and looking forward to the conference in just a few hours. (We didn't arrive until 1:15AMish, and then I didn't get Selah to bed until 2:30AMish, so pray for us to all have energy to stay awake and be blessed by the conference.)

We celebrated Meribeth's birthday as a family with a pizza party before we left town, so the photo in this post was actually taken the night before Meribeth's birthday.

Happy 14th birthday, Meribeth! You've conquered many obstacles along your life path, and we are so very proud of the young woman you've become. Keep your eyes on Jesus, sweet girl, you're doing GREAT! We love you!

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