Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prayer for Selah's appetite

If Selah doesn't start eating/drinking soon, they're going to be forced to try to get another IV in so they can give her fluids. That's pretty much going to be impossible without sedation. You know when it takes an anesthesia team 2 hours to get 2 IV's in, while the child is under anesthesia, that the child is a hard stick. We've traveled this path before with Selah and it is not fun.

So, I'm asking for prayers for Selah's appetite to increase so she will start eating and drinking and not require an IV.

She needs to poop, too. She hasn't pooped since Monday (pain meds contribute to an already constipated girl), but I think if she'll poop, her appetite will increase, too.

We gave her a suppository and some Colace (stool softener) around 9am. Hoping that will help.

I know the One who is able to fix all these things, so join me in petitioning Him on behalf of Princess Selah.

PS They removed her head dressing this morning. She doesn't look like the same baby we brought in Tuesday morning. She now resembles a chemo patient (bald) with a newly shaped head and large zig zag incision/scar from ear to ear. At the request of my husband, I'm not going to post pics yet. Praise to the One who knows the number of hairs in the baggie we hold. What a relief to know the Creator of the universe holds our baby girl in the palm of His hand as we anxiously await His healing and His perfect restoration. He already knows the new number of hairs that will grow back on Selah's head, and he knows the texture of her curls. I can't wait to see what He has in store!

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