Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well, exactly what I was afraid of with Selah's one remaining IV has occurred: it's occluded (gone bad). They're leaving it in with no IV fluids and nothing being run through it or put into it for now, just to see if by some chance the IV starts working again after the swelling in her hand decreases.

The problem with this is that since yesterday's nurse pulled Selah's central line (without orders to do so), Selah now has no way for any fluids or IV meds to be given.

And right now, Selah still isn't wanting to take anything by mouth.

All of Selah's medicines, including pain meds and IV antibiotics (which were supposed to be kept up until Selah's drains in her skull are ableto be pulled), are now ordered by mouth, which is a problem for a baby who refuses to put anything in her mouth right now.

And the other potential problem is with dehydration because they can't give fluids via IV, so Selah really needs to drink fluids. Right now, Selah doesn't want anything in her mouth, not even her beloved bottle. :-(

Since Monday night, Selah's only drunk about an ounce of anything. She's been getting IV fluids continuously, so dehydration hasn't been a problem. They turned the rate of flow down on her IV fluids around 8pm last night, with hopes that her appetite would increase, but so far, nothing has changed regarding Selah's willingness to have anything in her mouth.

I suppose this will be a cold turkey approach with high hopes for success! If there's no alternative, Selah must start tolerating meds and feeds by mouth.

Will you please pray that Selah will begin to desire her bottle, that it won't upset her stomach, and that she'll take her meds successfully by mouth? And that the oral pain meds will successfully control her pain and keep her comfortable...and that she won't spit the pain meds out...because they taste horrible! Poor baby girl, if she doesn't accept the oral pain meds, she's going to end up in tremendous pain and not understand why. :-(

God is able to repair human mistakes. Praying for His grace and His mighty hand to do a mighty work as we scramble through this when the whole ordeal could have been avoided had yesterday's nurse not pulled Selah's central line.

Jesus, fill me with your grace and mercy and kindness and love. I need extra helpings of the fruit of Your spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Hit me up, Jesus!

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