Tuesday, September 13, 2011

God Has a Plan...

Here's an excerpt regarding reckless faith and God's plan from one of my new (old) favorite books, Reckless Faith:

Reckless faith isn't fake.  It doesn't pretend.  It feels deeply and lives fully.  It asks questions and cries out and tests boundaries.  It has dynamic conversations with God.  It molds its understanding as it encounters new situations and experiences new growth.  "God has a plan" is not a cliche or Band-aid you put on wounds that aren't healing.

"God has a plan" is a mantra for a way of life that says you don't have to have all the answers to proceed.  You can throw yourself toward the Red Sea and believe if its parts, praise God!  You knew it!

How does it open?  Why does it open now when it didn't earlier?  Why did it close on the Egyptians?  To those questions, you apply a faith that acts first and thinks second.  Not in mindless obedience, but with childlike faith.

God promises us that our disappointments will not last forever.  He turns things around, he brings us back, he takes us home.  He rebuilds, restores, repairs.

--Beth Guckenberger, Reckless Faith

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