Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another new plan

After Selah's vomiting episode this morning, she eventually got her new meds and then the nurse ran Pedialyte through the feeding tube to see how Selah would handle it.

About 3/4 of the way through the Pedialyte (which pumped slowly for 2 hours), Selah got nauseated and started retching/gagging. I held her in my arms where she was comforted and fell into a deep slumber.

I kept her in my arms for several hours so she could rest. (I think I'll just get my rest in heaven one day.) A lunch tray was delivered from the cafeteria, so I decided to eat it since I hadn't been able to eat anything else all morning. As I started eating it, with Selah in my arms, she started reaching out for my tater tots! So, I gave her one and she ate it. And then she ate another and another. Hallelujah! (Never thought I'd rejoice about a baby eating tater tots!)

I had the nurse fix Selah a bottle and I asked her to bring me some sugar flavoring to dip the nipple in to persuade Selah to put it in her mouth. I coated the nipple really well in sugar syrup, and then I let Selah hold the bottle so she'd be in control. She touched the nipple to her lips, then literally chunked the bottle across the room as if it were a baseball! Then she grabbed a tater toy and shoved it in her mouth.

Then she fell back asleep, where she remains now. She passed some gas, but still no poop. As long as she's in my arms, she's perfectly content. When the stomach cramping occurs, she wiggles and grunts, then goes back to sleep, only if she's in my arms. If she's in the hospital crib when a pain hits, she screams and kicks and flails and cries. I'm thoroughly enjoying holding her, except that I haven't slept longer than 20 minutes at a time in the last 24 hours.

The new plan is to withhold feeds to see if Selah will eat table food and hopefully drink something. If not, they'll have to turn her feeds back on.

They can just run Pedialyte in the tube, if Selah will eat. If not, it'll be formula.

Gotta run. Selah's squirming. Pray she'll eat, drink, and poop!

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