Friday, September 2, 2011


Selah has been battling a low grade fever that's been hanging around 100.5, but that's with Tylenol with codeine in her system every 4-6 hours.

If her fever spikes, they want to draw blood to culture it with hopes of identifying the source of the fever so they can tailor the antibiotics to fight any infection. (She's already on Kefflex.)

Problem is, they can't simply draw blood due to Selah's veins not cooperating and due to the unfortunate fact that her central line was accidentally pulled and her IV's have all gone bad.

Selah's had a really restless night, but it appears to be gastro related. Maybe her tummy is having a hard time adjusting to the feeds and gut changes?!?! Maybe it's gas pains?!?!
Maybe a combo?!?! Her behaviors when she wakes every few minutes are indicative of tummy trouble. She's getting a dosage of Colase each day, so maybe that's affecting the stool and causing stomach pains the way many laxatives do.

So, those are some specific prayer requests for today: fever to go away and stay away; stomach issues to calm so Selah can be comfortable. And, of course, all of the usual prayer requests as well. :-)

I truly feel so grateful to have this prayer team that God has assembled on behalf of His beloved daughter, Selah. God is so much mightier than any antibiotic, He can knock out that fever in a snap, and He can bring comfort and healing to His little princess in no time. It's awesome to have such a powerful Daddy.

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