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Please click HERE to learn how just $33/month can be life-changing.

The Blocks, serving in Guatemala, are now "parents" to MANY kiddos who are living in Eagle's Nest orphanage.  They cannot financially provide what these precious children need monthly, but they can provide the tender loving care these little ones so desperately need. 
And they know God will provide what the Blocks cannot.

This is where WE come in, the body of Christ, commanded to care for orphans.

WE can sponsor a child at Eagle's Nest orphanage for $33/month and that investment will literally change the life of whomever we sponsor.
Many of you are financially supporting the Blocks so their family can serve as missionaries at this orphanage.  Without you, the Blocks couldn't serve as "mama" and "papa" to these kiddos.  They are so very grateful for your support, as none of the children in Guatemala are eligible for international adoption since the country closed that program and hasn't reopened it.  God has chosen the Block family to fill the role of FAMILY to these kiddos who may not ever have the chance of being adopted...ever.

Will you please prayerfully consider sponsoring a child for just $33/month so that these kiddos will be blessed in ways not possible without your support?  And I'm not talking about blessings like we would consider in America.  We're talking the blessings of nutritious food, season-appropriate clothing, shoes that fit...things we take for granted in America. 
And one of the really fun things about directly sponsoring a child at Eagle's Nest orphanage in Guatemala is that you can keep up with them through Amy's blog and/or directly through Amy!  How cool is that?!?! 

For many years, each of our children sponsored a child through World Vision.  They chose children who shared the same birthday, then they prayed for their sponsored child and financially supported them.  It was so much fun when they received a letter and/or photos from their sponsored child, and they were always eager to write them back.  The sponsorship turned into more of a relationship than simply tossing out support money.  It was truly a sweet blessing to see our children caring about other children in other countries whom they had never met in person, yet felt that they knew them personally simply by praying for them and communicating with them.  It's very moving to watch your child give up their allowance, birthday money, etc. in order to financially support a child in need.  Looking back, I can see how God was already working to open our children's eyes (and ours as well) to what a difference WE can make in the lives of others.

Thank you for kindly considering this request.  Click HERE if you'd like to sponsor an orphan and/or visit with Amy Block more about this opportunity.  I have a feeling you'll be blessed abundantly by this investment.

Who can resist such sweet faces?  Oh how I wish Guatemala would reopen their doors to international adoption, but, in the meantime, I'm so grateful for families like the Blocks who are willing to walk away from the convenient American life and serve orphans in need wholeheartedly.  Thank you, God, for giving these children the next best thing to a forever family...a Jesus-loving family who is willing to play the role of a real family by moving in with these children and loving them as their own.

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