Monday, March 21, 2011

Updates/Prayer Requests: Baby Mia, Carrington, Selah

Pray for Baby Mia:  Our newest niece, 5-week-old Mia Ruth, is hospitalized with possible meningitis.  Please pray for her full and rapid recovery.

Pray for Carrington:  You may follow updates of 11 pound, three-year-old Carrington, who just came home from Eastern Europe and is fighting for her life in a Texas hospital, by clicking HERE.

The link on my original post about why I advocate for special needs orphans was incorrect.  Please click HERE to read more about the lives of special needs orphans and why it's imperative that we step up to the plate to rescue these precious children.  Thanks, Lu, for your compassionate post about why you do what you do, and why so many of us are fighting and advocating and fundraising around-the-clock for orphans.  Many times, their lives are at stake.  Seriously.

Carrington's first day with her adoptive family in Eastern Europe

Carrington's 4th Day in Texas, at Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth
Carrington is on the path to healing, brought via Jehovah Rapha, in the form of an earthly family who treasures this little jewel of His, who used to be viewed as trash in her country due to her having Down Syndrome.

Pray for Selah:  Selah is awaiting her quick-image MRI, which won't require sedation, although she's never held still, even when they strap her into a papoose and strap her head down.  The quick-image MRI's are supposed to take about 10 minutes, but they usually have to re-do Selah's 2-3 times before they can get a good enough image.  Selah is STRONG and LOATHES being restrained, bless her heart.

We still don't know the plan for Selah's shunt and hematoma, as the plan cannot be formed without the results of the MRI.  I hope they're able to get the MRI done before the team of neurosurgeons retire for the day!!!  Selah may or may not be having another brain surgery tomorrow.  We'd like to prepare our hearts for her surgery if they are able to move forward at this time, but for now we wait as patiently as we're able with the Lord's provision.

Selah has been fussy since they removed the catheter from her skull/hematoma.  We're not sure what the problem is, so I'd really  like the MRI done so we'll know if there's internal bleeding, causing another hematoma to form, or if there's something else going on.  Selah is usually happy and bubbly and greets everyone (even IV teams!) with a smile (until the needle goes in).  She's not been herself since about 4PM yesterday.  She didn't sleep well last night either.  She stayed up until 2:30AM, then woke back up at 4AM and stayed up until 5:30AM.  When I finally got her back to sleep, she was so restless, so I patted her much of the time to try to comfort her.  We're operating on not much sleep today, which might be why she's crankier than usual, but it's so hard to tell with a 5-month-old who has tubes and cords all over her body.

I've gotta run because Selah is awake now and fussy.

Pray for Orphans, all 147 Million (or more) of them!  They're reliant upon us!!!

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