Saturday, March 19, 2011


Praise God for answered prayers! Selah now has an IV!!! It took the anesthesiologist team 2 tries (actually 3 sticks, 2 in the same foot) and about 15 minutes to get an IV in Selah! All glory to God, and my utmost praise to Him for answering our prayers!!!

The nurse shared with me that Selah's sodium levels were dropping so low that it could potentially be life-threatening. She was a stressed nurse, but she worked quickly to get anesthesia to come give it a try since they have the highest success rate with hard sticks.

Now Selah will be able to receive fluids via IV to replace all that she's losing via the external drain of the shunt.

Soooooo relieved and sooooo grateful for this fierce army if prayer warriors.

PS I did leave the room. I had to go into another wing in order to not hear Selah's screams!!!

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