Friday, March 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hallelujah, we're home!!! Many shouts of praise to our Jehovah Rapha for protecting Selah and bringing her home so quickly after her shunt replacement. Selah was discharged from the hospital Thursday evening, and as we drove out of the parking lot, Matt was praising Jesus for the gift of driving away from the hospital with our baby girl in our truck with us and not in a hearse. I know that sounds just awful, but it's something we can't help but feel/think/say since we, unfortunately, know what it feels like to drive away from the hospital with our beloved Chrissie in a hearse instead of in her car seat with us. Oh what a glorious evening to have our entire family reunited after Selah's 12 day hospital stay.

We're sooooooo happy to be home!!! Selah was excited to see all of her siblings. She got bored with just Mommy around at the hospital!

It's 12:1530am now and everyone in the house is asleep. I'm getting ready for bed, and I'm just giddy about having a dark, quiet room with a comfy mattress and fluffy bedding!!! And the best part is that no one will be coming in Selah's room to wake her up, check her vitals, give IV meds, weigh her, or shine the light in her eyes for neuro checks. I'm very much looking forward to peaceful sleep tonight!

Goodnight y'all and thanks for praying! Be sure to lift up praises to our Abba Father! Woohoo! Thank you, Jesus!

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