Sunday, March 20, 2011

Selah's Sunday Morning Report

Selah is doing well.  Her sodium levels are balanced out now, and her IV is still in and holding up, praise to our Father!!!  Since her hematoma catheter hasn't drained anything in 3 days (read THIS POST), the neurosurgeon's nurse practitioner is really hoping to pull the catheter from Selah's skull today in an effort to decrease brain infection possibilities.  She's going to try to get a CT scan done today, just to make sure that's the best plan, and then she'll pull the catheter bedside in our current room. 

The bedside procedure requires a little anesthesia via IV with Versed, to calm Selah's nerves and make her a little loopy so she won't exactly care that she's getting a tube ripped out of her brain/skull!!!  They'll also give topical anesthetic, as they'll have to stitch up the hole after they remove the catheter.  This will all be a sterile procedure, but done in our hospital room, so I'll most likely be kicked out of the room to reduce unnecessary germ exposure.

We greatly appreciate everyone's prayers.  We are being held up by our loving, faithful, sovereign Abba Father. 

Sleeping Selah

Outdoor eating area by cafeteria, complete with waterfall.

I don't know if you can read this, but it's the message inside of my Dove chocolate with caramel filling yesterday.  It says, "It's definitely a bubble bath day."  That's exactly how I felt yesterday with the IV excitement.  A very fitting message for the day.

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