Saturday, March 19, 2011

Selah's Saturday Afternoon Update

The neurosurgeon on call stopped by this afternoon to let me know he had reviewed Selah's last CT scan (taken Wednesday morning).  It appears that Selah actually has 2 separate hematomas.  One drainage catheter was placed into what the neurosurgeon believed was ONE hematoma, expecting one catheter to drain the entire hematoma.  Upon further review of the last CT scan, and with the hematoma cather not draining any fluid the last 3 days, it appears that there are actually two separate hematomas inside Selah's skull, right next to each other, separated by a membrane. One is older than the other.  The newer hematoma appears to have already drained (that's where the catheter was placed), but the older hematoma is encapsulated and the catheter is not within that membrane, which means it won't be able to drain without a new catheter being inserted into the active hematoma.

The current plan is to repeat a CT scan on Monday morning for the team of neurosurgeons to review.  (Only one neurosurgeon is on call this weekend.)  They will come up with a plan.  More than likely, Selah will have surgery again on Tuesday to pull the existing catheter from her skull, and then drill a new hole into the area where the fluid-filled hematoma is, place a new catheter into it, and then let it slowly drain over a period of days at the hospital. 

If the brain ventricles are plump by Tuesday, the neurosurgeon should be able to do the shunt replacement at the same time, but if the ventricles are still collapsed, they will have to wait and do yet another brain surgery after the ventricles are larger in size. 

Selah still doesn't have an IV, so I'm praying she won't have any issues that would require an IV between now and Tuesday.  (They can insert an IV under anesthesia when they go in to do surgery.)  Selah's sodium is a little low on her labs, so she's having to drink basically just salt water.  YUCK.  If she had an IV, they'd just give her the necessary fluids via IV, but we're trying the oral route for now.  Selah does NOT like taking oral meds of any kind, really.  She often chokes on them, and she's known for sputtering the liquid back out and blowing raspberries with the medicines as well.  UGH!

Selah appears to be constipated again.  She didn't poop at all yesterday, and today her tummy has been in pain, still without any poop.  She's sleeping right now, so I'm really hoping she'll poop and not be in pain after she awakes. 

Selah has to get more blood work at 5PM.  They're doing pricks in the heels/fingers and squeezing the blood into viles since they can't get any blood via a vein.  She also has to drink the nasty salt water and take some other meds as well at that time.  Since she's peacefully sleeping now, in a really deep slumber, I don't expect her to be a very happy patient when 5PM hits. :-(

The oral antibiotics are upsetting Selah's tummy, too, but she really needs to continue taking those 4/x/day to help fight against infection in her brain due to the catheter  and hole in her skull.

Please pray for Selah's sodium, electrolytes, and all lab work to stay stable, for her comfort during the pin pricks/squeezing to gather blood for labs, for her constipation to be relieved, for her body to be pain-free, and for complete protection, healing, and restoration for her brain and hematomas.

Thank you!!!

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