Friday, March 25, 2011

Prayers Needed for Kirrill

Please click  HERE to read a sad, sad story of a little boy with Down Syndrome in Eastern Europe whose adoption was rejected by the judge simply because he has Down Syndrome.  The judge said little Kirrill would be better off in an institution than with a competent American family.  The adoptive family is appealing the decision to the Supreme Court in Russia.  Please pray that Kirrill would be granted LIFE and be given the blessing of a forever family.  Being denied a family because a child has Down Syndrome is simply not OK.  This poor boy, this poor family.  So, so sad.

Our God is bigger than this.  He promises not to leave us as orphans.  Please pray that God will move mountains to get Kirrill home, and that the other families who are also trying to adopt from this same region would be approved.  Not one child with Down Syndrome has EVER been allowed to be adopted out of this region in Russia.  If the Supreme Court would approve Kirrill's adoption, this would pave the way to rescue many other special needs orphans in this same region.

Pray for Kirrill to come home.  Pray for the hearts of his family members here in the US.  Pray for the Supreme Court in Russia to have their eyes opened, to have mercy, to be educated with regards to Down Syndrome.  Lord Jesus, rescue this precious boy!!!

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